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Awwww, precious baby. Why does the mama sometimes attack her babies? How sad. Good thing they have you to save them.

Oooh,, poor little baby. Get well soon, so you can join the other and see the outside world. Be strong!!

OH, poor little sole survivor! The name Penny Whistle came to mind when I saw her. I hope she ends up being a better mother than her own....

What a cutie. Too bad, the mama chicken hurt the first baby. At least, you were able to notice this little guy before it too didn't have a chance.

Cute as can be, but soon to be rotten! I've been away on vacation and am trying to catch up on your blog! Glad the fire didn't get any closer to your property! Love the new card posts! Sorry it's been so stinkin' hot, sort of, because when it's hot, you often craft more inside which means more eye candy for us! :)

Me again, LOVE the closeup photo! Hugs...

Oh my goodness attacked by it's own mother...how sad. But in this case it has a happy ending cause you were there for this sweet one.

She is a cutie,and that's too bad about her mama hen not wanting her.I miss my chickens.

Awww, sweet little one. So GLAD you checked when you did. How long will it be before she can go outside with the others? Looking forward to following this little one's progress! Yay Anna! You saved another one! :)

Such a sweet little thing Peanut is. Very lucky you came along when you did. Another house chicken, good thing Alan doesn't mind :) Hugs...

Sweet little baby! He/she is in excellent hands!

I am surprised Peanut even stayed on those eggs long enough for them to hatch-millies are not usually a broody bird-I just take their eggs and give them to other hens to sit on.What a cutie-He- 70% chance,lol
now you are going to have to teach him how to scratch and those other momma things. Would like to see a video on that.

Baby animals are the sweetest things. Peanut snd sibling are precious!

Stupid chicken. Is this her first brood? I got totally confused with all of the numbers! Please to give name to chick or I'll forget it's number. :)

What a cutie! I went to our County Fair last week and saw all the amazing chickens. Was telling a friend about them and she asked me how I knew so much about chickens. I told her I learned it all from an online scrapbooking friend. That really confused her!

Oh, sweet little baby! Do you think they know when mama doesn't love them? Are their feelings hurt? I'm sure you'll make up for it! XOXO

Poor baby......Mama didn't realize what she was doing I guess. Glad one little made it.

Ahh! I didn't know chickens had post birth
tendencies. Poor little thing. But Mama Anna will take care of her. Was this her first birthing? Maybe it's the trauma of the event.

What a cutie!

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