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Anna I loved the tour of you locking up your animals for the night. It was neat to see how they responded when you were petting them. Thanks for sharing.

Anna this tour was just precious!!! Thank you so much for sharing. You are so wonderful to your animals and I can tell they all love you so much.

Oh I just loved that video. Spider eyes, I never heard that before. Thanks so much for all the cuteness lol

thanks for taking us along for the ride! What a fun tour.

I really enjoyed your video. Spider's eyes? Like every glitter is a spider? I'd be a little spooked! This city girl is curious, and forgive me if you've explained it before, but what do you do with all the eggs? Do you get that many every night?

Hey Anna -- LOVEd your nightly lock-up - what a LOT of work phewww! How many chickens do you figure you have in total? Is Tiny Tim still wondering around? And of course I had my thrill when I saw Bad Betty - her horns have really grown since the last time I remember seeing her :) The goats just make me smile!

What a great tour, saying night night to all your critters. Watched it to the end with the "baaaad goats!"

Loved this video! You live a life that I dream of! Maybe someday I will get to live on a farm. What a lot of work, but it must be very rewarding to take care of all those sweet little animals.

Anna, loved the video. Know how much you like spiders!

The bunny is a cutie! Don't think I've seen him. I'm glad you don't make me name the chickens when I come see you. I would never remember all the names. Just like the cats!

Keep up the good work!

Loved your video Anna! Thank you for sharing!

Hi Anna, With your kindest of hearts you bring a day full of happiness with your sharing the life on the farm!! I just watched your video the night lock up and chuckled at how the chickens responded to your touch. Anna, you are a gift to your followers on the emails!!!! Thank you for you dear heart and loving ways to all your animals on your farm. You bring a huge amount of joy to us!!!! Thank you!!!

I really enjoyed the tour Anna, but I could have been happy not knowing about the glittering spiders' eyes!! Your critters seem so content.

I really enjoyed your video, and so many of your daily comments and especially pictures! You are such a good Momma to all these animals! They are so blessed to live on your farm!!

Hi Anna,

I love seeing all your critters! I love bunnies and goats! Not thrilled about the "eyes" I don't like spiders.
Hope you are getting the needed rain, we have slowed down on the rain. DH is getting alot of hay and the corn and soy beans are growing great.
Take care

what a neat video....I thoroughly enjoyed it...cute seeing you putting all the "girls" to bed/checking on everyone...Keep those farm videos/pics coming...I just love 'em all!!!!

Too cute. Love it! Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us. Have a great weekend,
. Robin B.

Josh and I enjoyed the tour. I especially liked doing virtual chores without the sneezing and wheezin! :) What fun! What kind of duck has the pouf on their heads? We saw one in Kearney, but I forget the breed.

I really enjoyed the tour! All the chickens look so happy an content. Did you ever find out what breed Rocky is? He is very striking in looks like he was as a chick with the rocker eyeliner! Hee. :) Scooter is quite the handsome fellow, too.
The toads that where courting in the koi pond have moved on. I think it has to do with the heat and they are all done making little toads *wink* . Hugs to all... TGIF,

Enjoyed the video so much. I won't mind the 5 minutes it takes to lock my chickens up at night now that I see how much more I could have to do. Please keep the videos coming.

Yippee!! I absolutely thoroughly enjoy your videos. I hope you'll continue to make them and know how much viewers appreciate the time and talent you put into them. They're so informative as well as just plain fun to watch. I love you "babies" and so glad you share your life and work. Your coop is wonderful and it is apparent how much hard work as well as love goes into it. OH...one question, were Ginger's chicks blue in color? BEAUTIFUL! What kind are they? Wasn't sure if it was the night light or if their feathers are actually blue.

Anna, I thoroughly enjoyed the night time tour - what a great video! Thanks so much for taking the time to make it and upload it. We used to have a toad or two in our back yard in SoCal. I'd find him in the flower beds or in the earth when I was turning the ground over with a pitch fork. I remember feeling queasy when ever I had to dig the pitch fork into the ground, for fear of impaling an innocent creature. Your chicken coop is beautiful - looks like a lot of work went into its construction. It looks intelligently built.

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