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Thanks Anna, I've printed my coupons. My feline friend loves chicken only too!

A personal vote of confidence in this product from these two moochers is not much but they really like them and refuse others unless they are despirate for food..... here that aint gonna happen. We just got back from the yearly trip to Georgetown lake in Mmmmontannnnna, (sheep country) The fishing was superb as was the old time theatre show! Love, Dad

Can Tippy come live at my house? I know your parent's probablly like Tippy and all, but I think she needs to live with me ;)

Gorgeous kitties! Thanks for the coupon tip...I'm sure our 6 furry feline's will thank you too.

Two purty kitties. Hope Don rains on you, at least a little. He pumped some moisture into Florida for a couple days.

Thanks Anna! Tippy looks a lot like my little Eva Kitty.

I love coupons! I've been using the coupon printer for awhile - works great! Thanks for the heads up :)

Our two cats love Temptations too! :) we get the hairball type since they're both long hair...lots of hair! :) thanks for the coupon info!

Kitty lovers every where thank you!

Thanks Anna. I'll give it a try. I hope we can use them in Canada. My cats, Renoir and Tango, just love Temptations. And the ads are true! All I have to do is shake the package and they come running.......despite the fact that I have three huge Newfoundland dogs standing there wondering if they can have a treat too. LOL The cats will always rule no matter how big the other critters are.

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