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So sorry that you didn't get the bumper crop you'd hoped for. It could be worse, right? BTW, oved the coop walk vid.
Thanks for sharing your less than stellar news.

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That is a darling image, Anna! Love it! So sorry about the nasty heat and lack of rain there. We've had a lovely, reasonably cool summer here in Walla Walla. I don't care for the hottest summer days, so I'm quite happy. Wish you were having the same.

Even though I live quite a long way north of you (Toronto, ON Canada) we are expecting a high of 102 on Thursday. It has been very hot and humid and dry. We have not had a significant rainfall since June 22nd. Everyone's lawns are turning brown even with watering. Our other highs for the next little while will be 92 - 97! Ugh! Thank God for air conditioning!

What an adorable image...I love how you've colored the stripes on the precious kitty!

It's been hot here too - upper 90's. That's hot for Colorado. I am SOOO ready for Fall and Winter weather.

I love your new stamp image. It has 2 of my favorite things - pumpkins and kitties :)

HOT! Here in Missouri its just plain hot and dry. We need rain. We are having 99 and up everyday for several weeks now.
Love your kitties and pumpkins.

Anna, I live in the Pacific NW, Everett Washington and we are water logged here. My tomato floated away weeks ago, my cucumbers well they are just not doing a thing. My sister lives in Texas and we are always wishing for a little bit of each others weather. Let's hope next year will be better.
All this rain does afford me more time to stamp since I can't be out in the garden. But I must say I am tired of the rain this year.

Gettin' the heat wave in Ohio too...garden is doing fine right now, but I don't know how much longer the garden and potted flowers are going to last. Pool is staying around 90 degrees. Vacations are close together too and no one waters the plants like I do (so ya know what that means) Suggestion for planting your seeds...plant in pot and keep in side by a very sunny window. If any rain, save rain water and water the seed. Fall gardens in Ohio are very hard to keep alive .... ya know Ohio (all 4 seasons in a week) Good luck!

Hi Anna
I live in Northern Ontario,Canada. We are in a heat wave right now (the weatherman didn't see that word 'Northern' lol) with temps in the 90's but humidex factors that make it feel like 103. I haven't left the house for 4 days, just stay in the air conditioning and play on the computer. I can't imagine working in a garden in this heat, so I feel your pain. Because of the heat this year we have also had some terrible storms and flash flooding. I wish you nice weather and lots of love.

Very hot here in Mich!!! upper 90s this week, only a drizzle or two of rain lately, so watering like crazy w/the hose, but just isn't the same....Tomatoes are still green/one zuchinni and TONS of beans,,but yeah..hard to beat this drought like weather..

That is such a cute stamp!!! I love it...ADORABLE!
Ugh, we are having the heat here too. It's oppressive! Our heat index has been about 110-112 every day this week. That is just TOO hot. I hate summer!!!
I hope you get some relief, or some unexpected cool breezes. What a treat that would be, huh??!! Not likely, but we can hope, right?? :D

Hi Anna - your forecast looks a lot like ours. 99 this week and then 101 on Friday. Heat index is in the inferno level. Suggest some fine mesh netting over your vegetable plants. And an iced tea for you and your Alan. Be cool.

Anna, it's been really hot here in Nebraska too. The heat index is either close or over 110 every day. It's a good thing I have my watering system in place. Everything gets watered at 6am every day. I've had to start filling the main tank as we haven't had any rain in July except for the humidity producing sprinkles. The cukes get a little droopy by the end of the day but spring back to life over night. The tomatoes are still looking good and if blooms are any indication of what's coming, the wheel barrow will be put to good use. I'm not sure about the potatoes yet. The green peppers are suffering the most. They just look like I feel when I'm out in the heat and humidity. I did harvest 6 peppers but there's no indication that there will be any more than that from 8 plants. This year certainly has been a year of extremes in weather.

Have a great day in the garden and stay cool.

Love your fall stamp - so sweet. So sorry you are wilting down there. We have had a delightful summer after it finally got going. Last week was in the 80's, but warming up the low to mid 90's this week. Don't have a veggie garden this year, but the flowers are loving the weather if they can survive the earwigs & grasshoppers. Try to stay cool. Hugs.

Finally warmed up in North Idaho - believe it or not...94 yesterday (too hot for me!!) supposed to be 70's and 80's the rest of the week...I heard someone go by yesterday on the street behind my house with their studded snow tires still on...must be expecting more snow pretty soon!!! Don't laugh...

Anna, We have had over an inch of rain already in July!!! Not ideal for summer but I have to tell you that I would MUCH rather have the rain than 18 stright days of 100+ temps. That is just wicked!!!! I worry about your animals in that kind of heat! I assume that Mr. Farley and Miss Daisy only go out of the house for potty breaks?
Please take of of yourself and Alan and all the critters! I will be praying you get relief soon! Hugs to all, Manetta

I'll tell you because you asked, although you will probably hate me for it: Your lows will be our highs! :-)

Cute image! Amazingly enough, I live in Michigan, and our temps are almost as high as yours. Can you believe it!
Try to keep cool.

Well, so far in the Pacific Northwest and B.C. summer is avoiding us. It is 60.8 degrees this morning with a possible high of 68 tomorrow. And rain mostly with the odd sunny day. On those days, there isn't space to breath on the beaches, as everyone flocks to their own piece of sand to soak the rays. The good thing is after two years of fire disasters, the fire crew finally get a break from forest fires. Now the concern is mud slides and floods.

Weather has been heavenly since Thursday in Piedmont NC, lows in 60s, highs in 80s. BUT temps next few days are higher than YOUR forcast, so count your blessings!

MISERABLE, Mid to upper 90's all week with High Humidity. UGH . I am struggling, the garden is strggling. We just got a sprinkle that did not help... only made it feel damper. Wring me out!
The upcoming release is Anna Adorable and makes me long for fall :) Hugs....

Mid 80's in the amazingly green northeastern Washington State mountains, with a few lite showers here and there. I may be just dreaming but with all that heat and shadeless to boot for the seedings maybe some fine netting for shade???? and believe it would help moisture retention for the sprouts and tender plants... I vaguely remember something like that....or was it to camo the pot plants.....Yuk yuk from them pesky helicopters...I crack myself up!.......Love, Dad

Anna, I've been thinking about you so much as I watch the U.S. weather map. Prayers for you all that at least rain will give some relief and help the crops survive.

We've been having 90+ heat here but it will only last three weeks maybe and then back to the 80's. I must say that my little garden which is nothing compared to yours, is loving the heat. I'm getting more produce, so far than I ever have before. Hopefully the tomotoes will begin to turn red this weekend.

I look forward to knowing more about your fall garden. That isn't even a possibility here.

Ugh. We're getting an inferno in DC later this week and into the weekend. Supposed to be in the 100s with heat index of 110. Not sure I'll want to set up and break down my tent in that at the farmers market. ;(

Maybe you should consider a greenhouse to keep your veggies COOL. :)

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