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Oh what we would do to have those temperatures here...its been the lousiest weather ever!!!! here in Vancouver BC...worst in over 50 years for cold, rain, cloudy & cool temperatures...we're rusting honestly. Have to double up on the Vitamin D
as directed by the Doctors...we've had the odd days of sun here and there...it has been so depressing.

UGH, it's horrible here, too. Heat indexes at 110-112 most of last week and the weekend. I'm sick to death of it! We are moving Friday, and I hope it cools off!

Horrifying. If there wasn't so much to do there, I'd suggest your escaping to cooler climes. Time to get in the pool with the chickens!

UGH! We are even hearing about your weather in Ohio!!

And you guys live there...why? Tell your dad and he'd be down there in a minute (or at least after it cools off) with trailers to move all of the critters and you two North! lol!!!!

I only go out long enough to drain the dog and grab some lamb's quarters!

OH; Anna, you are giving me a hotflash just thinking about the heat...and that's the lows!!! Dad had the heater going yesterday in the front room--sweet. Love, MOM

You poor thing. Guess I shouldn't complain about our 90 degree temps. Texas in the summer is no fun! Jump in your pool...but it is probably too warm to enjoy! No wonder you are tired. Heat always makes me sleepy. Take care. Robin

yikes. wow.

YUK!!! And I complain at our 98-100 degree weather!

I started to sweat just looking at the forecast...YUCK!


Oyyyyyy I hope you guys have a pool!

well s**t .....

Yikes, Florida this time of year is actually looking quite cool compared to your temps. Try to stay in and stay cool.

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