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Precious! I love all the sweet peeping and motherly clucks by Ginger. The stripes on the babies are darling.

awww..how cute!!! love your videos Anna!!! stay cool in this nasty heat wave...

OMGosh, sooooo cute! The dry one looks like a little Chipmunk, with it's cute stripes! ha What wonderful little ones. Congrats!!! I hope there will be more! :D
Have a great weekend. I hope you are not "burnt up". Ugh, summer is oppressive!!!

Thanks for the video, those chicks are just the cutest things. I can just feel the soft down.
Love to see more once the rest hatch, so keep em' coming.

Ginger is thinking, "Maybe if I pant enough, the nice big creature who brings food will give us air-conditioning!" :)

So sweet!!

Too cute! Will you keep all the babies? Will the other six she has been nesting hatch? Guess I don't know all that much about farm life..ha! Would love to come and visit so you can teach me all about farm life cuz my accounting life is really getting boring and old! (just like me. Lol). Have a great evening and, as always, thanks for sharing. Robin B.

I really believe that Ginger was talking back at you. How beautiful to watch new born chicks. Wish I had gotten some experience with farm animals but I was pretty much raised city.

Good Job Ginger. The fluffy one has beautiful coloration. Will they all? The newly hatched baby looks so tired. It is hard work. Welcome to the world cutie-pies, you are so lucky to come into Miss Anna's barnyard :) Hugs...

Congrats! What cute little chicks.

So adorable!

Well Miss Ginger, you have some very adorable babies there! And Anna, you made my day with another of your wonderful baby videos. I even had the mister come in and watch this one and he got a big grin out of it too!

Always love your baby videos. Sooooo cute. What do mama chickens feed baby chickens, anyway? It's not like she is an eagle who swoops in with a fish.

How cute!!! TFS.

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