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Adorable photos! Love the sweet kitties . . . seeing them always makes me want them. And Dolly is cute--ahem!--I mean handsome too. How's the crow coming along? Thanks for the fun! You're going to need to crawl into the pool with that cute chick at the bottom of this post.

OOOHHHH - but you know you'll never part with those kittens. . . especially once they have names. ;)

Ok, I want the orange kitty...shhh...what are you doing Wednesday? :)

Oh my those kitties are cute! You make life on the farm look idyllic!

Is there another orange tabby kitten? You could name it Clementine to go with Tangerine! :D

Oh my, 99. We can hardly break 60 & it has been so cloudy. I see from your map that we are right on the edge of warming up. I hope so. Your garden is terrific, and I love your pretty beans. Congrats on all the cute babies. Your new calf is adorable. We once had a stray have her kitties in our garage - oh boy can they fool you! Happily, they found new homes & Mama got fixed. Hugs.

Those kitties are just too cute! Okay, so the weather may not look good for you? But I am okay with a nice hot summer for us folks up here in Canada! :0)

Loving the kittens. My 4 cats say no way to adopting anymore :) I, too will wish some Minnesota rain down to TX. Will they ever invent a weather-equalizer so we get no droughts or floods?

Unfortunately, I'm in the very little tip of Pennsylvania where wet weather is predicted. Seeing how you love the rain and I hate it, I'll do my best to send it your way! :)

74 tomorrow 78 on Sunday. It should be our first day over 72, who knows, maybe I can put away my long johns....but they slow down the skeeters. Man! what a heat wave, Maybe Lilacs blooming in a week or so...That's gonna be a funny looking rooster!

I cannot believe that's Dolly already! The kittens are adorable. Great action shots of them roaring! The purple pole beans are gorgeous!! Love those colors! I am amazed how well the garden is doing for all the dryness you have had! You are one talented lady!!!

No way that's Dolly! Who said he could sprout up like a weed? ;) Are you going to change his name? I like Dobby!

Anna, after a horrible day at work, I cannot tell you how much these sweet faces have cheered me up. Thank you so much for sharing all these fabulous photos!

I am missing my kitties. Fido has been gone 3 years and Sabrina about 9 months. Good thing I can't come visit... 'cause I am pretty sure I would come home with a kitty or TWO!
Your garden looks great. Growing pretty good for being so hot and dry already. We are going to be nearly as warm here only HUMID, too. YUCKY.
Love Dolly's feathers, kind of a bad hair day look. LOL.
Hugs to all....

Ack! That Tangerine kitty is so cute, beautiful eyes. Also love the pics of Dolly, he almost looks like a miniature ostreich, lol, with all those fluffy feathers.
Stay cool and congrats on the new baby calf as well.

Wish I could take both of those adorable little kitties.

You see that "persistent coolness" hanging over us? Garden veggies and hay don't much like that! We and the animals here may starve this year.... :-/

I always love looking at your photos!! Animals ....gardens....flowers....whatever, it always makes me want to come for a visit :) Glad your garden is doing well -- you can have some of the wet predicted for us up here! Oh those kittens --- we lost our 15 yr old kitty about 2 months ago -- how I would love a baby! Tangerine --that's funny, I just saw a pic last week of an orange tabby at the Humane Society -- & his name was Mango :)

ROTFL!!! Love your kittie pics! I must say that I am happy that it's too far to drive for me to be their new mommy!

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