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Oh Anna, I LOVE the sights and sounds of your farm!! What fun to see the critters, and that RAIN~~what a blessing! I'm soooooo happy for you! And I was wondering the other day how the DUCKS were doing...so glad to see them waddling around! It was so cute to see them drinking, what a hoot! Adorable. I'm still smiling, from watching the video. THANK YOU for sharing with us! Oh, and the cicada was awesome, I haven't seen or heard any up here yet. Isn't it funny that I will hold them, no problem, but I'm terrified of spiders?? They are just TOO creepy. Cicadas are cool! We used to pick the shells off the trees, and stick them on others to see the reaction...hehehe...oh those childhood goings-on! ha :D Have a great week!

Hi Anna ... thank you for the lovely video with all the animals (esp. Betty!) and neat noises. That critter that was in Alan's hand looked like some prehistoric fly ! GAG ! But I guess it's better then those rat snakes *shiver*.
TFS xxoo

Anna My Anna - your after the rain video is wonderful. Oh how the sound of the drinking duck tickled my heart. You are so lucky! Thanks for the video. My Alan and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So did the little one.

I heard you giggle while the duck was drinking. That is the FUNNIEST/CUTEST thing! Love all the animal noises around your place. I think the young chicken you were petting would have wagged its tail if it could have. :) P.S. So glad you got RAIN!

LOVE the video..your sunflowers are just beautiful..ours are only about 5-6 in. so far, but..we're in Mi..so quite a bit behind you. Only thing that is ready in our garden are radishes...

Hi Jayne!
That is a cicada, on Alans hand. Crazy, huh!! :)

Wow...it was nice to see that much rain in the pool! How exciting! I didn't even realize you had ducks also, and I so enjoyed watching the one drinking from the water supply, so stinkin' cute! Thanks for the beautiful sunflower shots...those brought on a HUGE grin!

what was the big green winged thing on your hand?????? Looked like something out of a science fiction movie

Great video! I could watch for hours. :)

OMG I feel like a member of your family! Riley is a beauty and can really strut his stuff. Love that you love your animals and take time to share them with us. Makes me homesick for my grandparents farm (in my childhood) and those familiar barnyard symphonies. Thanks so much for sharing

What a cool video! Love that you got some rain. We're supposed to have some in ?Central Florida tomorrow. Loved seeing your ducks and chickens.

Oh Anna, what a lovely morning down on the farm. The animals all look happy and healthy. It was fun to hear the crowing and see all the water fun. LOVE those cute little tiny horns on the calf. :) They do grow up so fast! Hugs to all...

Delightful! For this city girl, it's a joy to see your beautiful vignettes of farm life. Love the affection you show to your pets...I mean, animals.

How cute are your animals! I love the duck drinking from the pool. Made me smile :)

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