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I've been really BUSY keeping up with my husband's tomato harvest, too. We had such a mish-mash of varieties! I did salsa, yellow tomato chutney, dilled green tomatoes, green tomato relish, and water-packed tomatoes. I'm really excited about the tip on these lids! Thanks for checking them out and passing on the info!

I like canning tomatoes from my garden. The store bought just aren't the same. I can't wait to try the Tattler lids.

I've always been concerned about metal lids not sealing properly, these lids sound like a dream come true. I belive I saw another post about these same lids from another avid canner. I love to can fig preserves and hot pepper jelly. My new love is the Salsa I belive you are referring to. Very simple.
Good luck keeping up with the harvest.

My favorite canned item is my homemade spagetti sauce that I make from my garden fresh produce. I usually make enough to share with our two boys and their families( at (least 75 quarts). We had a wonderful weekend in Newport it was for the most part sunny, windy, and cool to chilly. The music was great and the parade as usual super and lots of garage sales. I would love to try the re-usable lids what a great idea. TFS Ann Lind

Please enter me in your TATTLER lid drawing,

I love the canning jams & jellies and yes salsa.
Enjoy your blog. Thanks

Hello!! I came across your website while looking for salsa recipes....now I want to start canning!! Please include me in your drawing for free lids!! I'd love to experiment making my own canned salsa and fruit preserves. Take care :)

Genius!! I will have to look into those lids for all the canning I do. It does seem so wasteful to throw the other ones away each time.
Salsa is one of our favorite things to can, here is my recipe if you want to try a new one. We like ours chunky and not too spicy so I cut down on the hot peppers. These kinds of recipes are so easy to adjust to taste. I imagine you could add cilantro to it once you get your hands on some.

8 cups tomatoes, peeled, chopped and drained
2 1/2 cups onions, chopped
1 green peppers, chopped
1 red pepper, chopped
1 cup jalapeno pepper, seeded, chopped
6 garlic cloves, minced
2 teaspoons cumin
2 teaspoons pepper
1/8 cup canning salt
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup vinegar
1 (15 ounce) can tomato sauce
1 (12 ounce) can tomato paste

Mix all together and bring to a slow boil for 10 minutes.
Put into pint sized jars, seal and process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes. Use food processor for fast chopping.
Makes 7-8 pints.

Wow, your salsa is BEAUTIFUL! I can only imagine how wonderfully it TASTES! :D And those lids are awesome, I like the white, and that they are USA made! Yippee! And reusable??!! I didn't know there WAS such a thing! Amazing. Thank you for letting us know!
I haven't canned for a while, but I store MANY things in jars. My favorite thing used to be my Grandmother's "soup mixture" that she canned for winter soups. It was fantastic! I also love blackberry jam, and just about any other kind of jelly or jam~~Yum! :D

This is the first I have heard of this type of lid - very interesting! We also love salsa but I think our favorite from last years crop are the dill spears we made. Just right - not too puckery! :) We are growing Detroit red beets this year for the first time and are going to try pickled beets. YUM! (I hope).

I only ever can strawberry jam, and I think it is interesting to find reusable lids. I have canned salsa in the past using a premixed spice pack, yummy!

My favorite thing to can is fresh tomatoes... I use them in my chili over the winter, and store bought canned just don't have the same flavor. :) I am looking for a good spaghetti sauce recipe, but haven't fount one we love yet... do you have one? I love summer/fall and all the canning and freezing. I don't get nearly enough time to make enough. This year I hope to do hot peppers as well, another favorite... with sour kraut.

Salsa is one of our favs to can, that and deer stew! Would love to win some seals that can be reused. Would you let us know where you found them??? Thanks so much!

Mmmmm! Salsa sounds so good!

We have lots of wild flowers and berries around us, so my canning thus far has been mostly jams and jellies. Occasionally I'll buy a bunch of apples when they're on sale and make apple butter. Yum!

We can a lot of peaches and then whatever other fruits that need to be done that year--pears and applesauce. Fruit would be my favorite!

This is one of those "Why didn't I tbink of this?" things. Grew up on a farm and love canning just like my grandma. I want to try the reusable jar lids.

What a great idea to can salsa! I never would have thought to do that. My favorite thing to can is peaches, followed closely by pickles (dill). I haven't done much canning the last couple of years. You've just inspired me to get back into it!

Thanks for the chance to win. I like to make my own tomato sauce and then can that. I don't like jarred sauces from the store, so this way I have the convenience of canned, and the taste that I like.

Will have to check out those lids. They look awesome!

I can so many things, I can't say I have a favorite one. As far as canning lids go I reuse my snap lids over and over again. I just put them in boiling water to soften the seal and they seal up nicely every time. But it would still be interesting to try the new tattler lids. Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs, Nellie.

I love canning. My favorite items to can are salsa, blackberry and peach jam, and applesauce. Thanks for the info on Tattler lids....off to check them out.

Wow, there are a lot of folks that would like to try the reusable lids. I haven't tried them but if I win I would certainly give them a try.

I love the possibility of reusing canning lids, I am going to try some of these. My favorite things to can are jars of jams and jellies. I try to do a variety of different fruits each year because I give them for Christmas gifts. So far I have done strawberry and peach jam. Next I plan to do mayhaw jelly and then maybe somekind of apple butter.

Would like to hear more on your experience with the lids and how long you have been using them. We just purchased some for the first time. Also your recipe for the salsa would be nice to see you. So glad I found your blog.

So happy to find your blog through the Grit post on FB! I can over 150 jars every year! I would love to use these lids exclusively, but I would have to make the change gradually because of the expense. I actually looked into using them last year, and hadn't heard or talked to anyone to see what they thought. SO glad for this post becase now I'm going to give them a try..and keep my fingers crossed for a FREE box as well!!
One of my favorite canned items is my hot pickled veg mix...jalapeno, garlic,carrot, and cauliflower! Very pretty and so delish!

My favorite preserved foods would have to be fruit - I love baking, and it's always nice to go to the cabinet, pull out some canned fruit, know where is came from, and bake it into a delicious treat. I don't have a favorite food to make yet - I love trying something new each year. I am a fairly rookie canner (5 years now), and along with the typical tomatoes, beans, fruit, jams and chutneys, I like to experiment. Last year I tried canning Habenero Jam, Blueberry Syrup (yum!), and red potatoes. I would LOVE to try these lids. I had been searching for ways to preserve food more substainable than the one-time use lids (dehydrating, etc), but nothing beats canning jars. Thanks for this review - it was very helpful!

Hey I'm game! I have not canned in years, but always loved pickles (remember they almost look moldy and yucky when you are doing them) and strawberry jam...yum!
Glad you had awesome results with the lids, nothing is worse then thinking you have a sealed lid and later opening up a horrid mess.
Want me to send you some cilantro, it's easy to find in the stores here!


It's a toss up between my salsa, pizza sauce, and bread and butter pickles.

Hey Anna, I used to buy stuff from your store...you don't have it anymore? Anyways, I will definitely, when I return to Costa Rica, send you some cilantro seed packets from there if you would like. Course, being in Central America, we have them readily available and at least two different types. I have a homemade salsa recipe for canning here in the States and of course, living in two countries, darned if I could put my hands on it right now. I just remember it saying that using a minimum of three different types of tomatoes is helpful with acidity and flavor. Never got around to trying the recipe, though. Not necessary to put me in the pool for canning give-away. Supplies in Costa Rica as far as jars, etc. are double the price and hard to come by!!!

Ahhhh - reusable lids! I've been waiting for them to come out with something reusable. I have a mature crab apple tree and by far can more jelly than anything else. I could seriously feed a small town jelly for a year :) Love your blog and all the pictures you share of your farm. Thanks Anna!

I love seeing all the jars filled with our beautiful harvest! Our tomatoes just started turning red and I'm ready to make some salsa and pizza sauce! Yours looks so yummy! I try to can just about everything I can get my hands on! I love canning and would love to be entered to win the Tattler lids. Thanks for the opportunity!

Thanks for sharing this information with us. The favorite thing that we can is strawberry-rhubarb jam. A very dear elderly woman shared her recipe with me when I was a young mom. Kids are grown now, we still make the jam. Have not bought jam from a store since in years. Good luck with all your canning. May have to try my luck with salsa this year.

I love canned salsa! My favorite though I think is canned apples. I have an amazing apple tree and make applesauce, apple butter, pie apples and apple jelly to give as gifts. People start asking me in the fall if my apples are ripe yet. It's great! I am looking forward to seeing what paper creations you come up with when you give your canned goods as gifts! Your tags, cards and such are always so amazing!
Thanks for the chance to win the lids, what a wonderful idea.

I think this is a great idea! Reminds me of the old glass jars with glass lids and a rubber seal between! I have never canned any vegetables, but would like to. Presently, I have blackberries, blueberries and mayhaws waiting to be made into beautiful jellies! I love to make the jellies and give them as gifts.

this is one of those moments when you wonder why someone didn't think of that before. Reusable lids PERFECT idea. Made in USA even better.

You found my weakness...Salsa!! I could eat salsa every day of my life and die happy! Our tomatoes haven't quite ripened yet, but when they do, you can be sure that salsa is going to be first on my list of recipes!

Beautiful salsa! What a neat idea to have reusable lids. Since it is just me and DH now, I don't do much canning with the exception of zucchini relish-a favorite of my DH. Thanks for a chance to win-would love to try these out!!

My husband and I joined a local CSA last summer, and were able to freeze a lot of items, roasted corn and peppers in particular. This year I'm working on canning some things as well including the strawberry jam we made last night. I like the sound of these lids, would love to give them a try. Oh, and as someone mentioned above, basil substitutes nicely for cilantro in homemade salsa. :)

Would love to try these lids! A while back you gave some info on a product for canning on smooth top ranges, do you like it? I have been afraid to ruin my stove and would like to try.

I am canning for years and I would love to try these lids. My favorite food is pastasauce with hamburger. I do this in the pressurecooker.

I have never been brave enough to try canning but I was hoping to give dill pickles a go this year and if all of the tomato plants are successful i will need to do something with those-I love fresh tomatoes but I am only one person!

I hate that you can only use those canning lids once too! i would love a chance to win a set and try them out.

I use the dehydrated salsa pkt too. Love them!

Hi Anna,
your Salsa looks great....I haven't canned in years, but now that my duaghter has 4 boys, it's past time for her to learn.
I'm simple, my fav is green beans---i love my green beans.

I have never canned anything, but have a garden every year and would like to try, especially tomato sauce and salsa of course. The re-usable lids look great!

I have heard of these but they are not avail in our area. Awesome that they are BPA free! & made in the USA is a huge bonus!!! Wish I had a spoon to dip into your salsa!!! The goats got loose and ate most flowers & veggies yesterday so as soon as the rain stops I have alot of replanting to do-49 lil goats look like fat lil ticks!

Anna...I also make and teach Ukrainian Easter Eggs and I use the wide moutth lids...I would love to try the new ones!!! You have tomatoes already!!! So Jealous!!!

I have been canning for years but have never heard of these lids! How wonderful to have these on the market. I would love to try them! My favorite thing to can is relish. I also do a lot of green beans!

I've canned all sorts of things but have never heard of Tattler. I'd love to try some of their lids. I love homemade pickles, but have trouble making whole ones stay crisp. So I usually go for bread and butter varieties. I also like making strawberry jam. I have a hard time growing cilantro here in central TX. My nursery bought plants always die and my plants started from seeds never even grow. It's not one of my favorite herbs anyway, so I usually can find some at W-Mart. You might try there for some fresh.

Your salsa looks really yummy. I've never tried that Tattler lids. You may have difficulty growing cilantro in your heat. I bought 2 plants and am having a hard time keeping them from going to seed. I guess they grown better in cooler weather.

Cool! I will have to keep an eye out for these. I do a lot of preserving, so this would be great to have reusable lids. I have a recipe for Strawberry Amaretto Preserves that I love, also homemade salsa, and Lavender Peach Jam. Also Brandied Apricot Jam, and Blubarb Jam. Saskatoon Jam. Yum yum!!!

I love making broncoberry sauce for my husband. I'm not really a fan of it so I like to make a whole bunch at once!

Yum-Yum! We make a relish we call hot dog relish and the whole family just loves it. We also make lots of jams and jellies. Thanks for the chance to win and introducing us to Tattlers.

I didn't know there WAS such a thing as reuseable lids, and would LOVE some! My favorite of the foods I can is probably applesauce; Rick would probably vote for my homemade condensed tomato soup (another good use for excess tomatoes!). I also can tomatoes to use in minestrone and Spanish rice, cherries, grape juice, some jams and prunes.

Great giveaway! I just purchased some of the Tattler lids a week ago, and I'd love to add to them. Thanks for the chance to win!

I just canned beets with my tattler lids. Would love my family to start using them also!

I love the idea of reusable lids! I recently tried canning for the first time and canned jalapenos, green beans and red onion!

I'm canning green tomato relish tomorrow (it's salted down tonight).

Cool...I have never seen these before! It would be fun to try them out. My favorite home canned food is peaches. YUM!

OOPS!! I forgot to tell you what my favorite canned food is. I love home canned peaches!

Cool...I have never heard of these canning lids before! It would be fun to try them out.

I have never heard of reusable canning lids! that sounds like a wonderful thing to try.

My favorite preserved thing is pickled spicy cauliflower in the giardinera mix of Italian pickled veggies at my grocery store, and tomorrow I'm going to try to make some at home!

I only know how to can two things: strawberry jam and salmon...not together of course. I've been wanting to branch out into different types of jams because local strawberries aren't always available and the salmon is getting kind of expensive.

Reuseable lids and jars would be awesome!

Never heard of these lids! Good to know! I'd love to try them. My hubby cans hot peppers, green tomatoes, and cauliflower. Then we chop them up really fine and add olive oil and garlic. It's like a hot relish and we put it on and in everything! It's a staple in our fridge!

Reusable canning lids would be the BOMB!!! What a great idea. I love to can up our tougher cuts of game (moose/caribou) meat and fresh caught salmon so we can eat it all winter long. Mmmmm.

We can veggies from the garden and our own beef and then winter comes and through it all together for beef stew. The lids sound fabulous to me too.

Well those lids sound like the best thing since buttered popcorn! Always a favorite is the biggest batch of spaghetti sauce that I can make, next to jams & applesauce. Can never have enough lids & jars being it seems they always make their way out the door as a gift.

My friend Sue is a Canning Queen - her husband is a retired chef and they cook up all kinds of tasty dishes that they can instead of freeze. No freezer burn with the jars and it seals in juiciness! Thanks for the chance to win some lids to test out! =)

I didn't realize there were reusable lids out there... that's awesome!! I am going to hunt down some of these for me & my friends who preserve! I enjoy making jam, salsa, bottling pears & applesauce & my specialty is jalapeno jelly for Christmas gifts! :)

I'd love to give these lids a try. I hate throwing the regular kind away each time.

I just finished making salsa, also! It is delicious! I've read about the Tattler lids and would really enjoy trying them! Thanks!

Great post. Would love to win a box of lids. And, would love for you to be a guest blogger on http://blogthefarm.wordpress.com

I just love canned green beans!

I've just started learning how to can. I'm looking forward to all the food we can preserve throughout the Winter for our family. I would say so far sand plum jelly is our family's favorite.

I have been canning for a long time. Homecanned tree ripened peaches are hard to beat. I can tomatoes, vegetable relish, red salsa, green salsa (our absolute favorite), jams and jellies, pickles, rhubarb, grape juice, apple pie filling, applesauce, whatever else I can get my hands on. Thanks for the giveaway!

Reusable lids are a fantastic idea! My favorite thing to can is BBQ sauce. The ingredients in store-bought BBQ sauce are awful!

My favorite is a toss up between green beans and tomatoes. I would love to give Tattler lids a try!

I have been hearing about these lids but have not tried them yet. Meat and kidney beans are probably the easies things to can, they take the longest to process but they taste so good.

I do not like cilantro, so used basil in my salsa last year. It was great!

I like those lids! May have to give them a try. My Favorite preserved food. Easy.... any jam or jelly. I love to make jams and jellies with the seasonal fruits (or flowers!) YUMMY. Throw my name in the ring ... and I just may have to try salsa this year. We and the kids eat a lot of it. Hugs...

I love that Tattler lids make canning 100% reusable. I can not wait to get my first set.

I would love to try the lids! I haven't seem them around here at all. I reuse my good condition lids for dehydrated items. Your salsa looks great! I plan on doing salsa this year also but our tomatoes aren't even blossoming yet. We did plant cilantro and jalapeños!

Canned 1/2 runner beans are my favorite. I also love my mom's recipe for vegetable soup.

I love canning everything. But my husband loves my canned chicken.

I love salsa. My husband cans it and all the family loves it.

This is my first summer with Tattler -- just placed an order last night and am anxious to try them. My daughter's and my favorite canned food is marinara sauce, but my boys would take pearsauce any day!

I love canning tomatoes and apple butter. I use tomatoes in so many cooked items but the taste of apple butter is the best. I like to just eat it on the spoon. I shared some with family members and they loved it. I will be making more this year including some peach butter and maybe some others also.

I love these lids!!!!I wish I found these along time ago. They are such a money saver and they seal every time!! I will be ordering several more of these. We plan on putting up at least 35 gallons of pasta sauce and 10 gallons of salsa this year. That doesn't count all the other things like green beans, beets, chow-chow, and corn...etc that we put up.

Oh man, that looks delicious!! And sounds it, too. What a shame you couldn't find the real deal with cilantro, though. It used to be pretty much unavailable here (fresh, you'd get seeds in Indian shops) but more recently it's widely available, thank goodness.

I have some cilantro, but since I am in Chicago and you're out in God's country somewhere, you'll just have to imagine the wonderful, citrusy sharp smell of the yummy herb I am adding to my guacamole! Send me some jars and lids so I can save some salsa!

Cool! I've never heard of reuseable canning lids before. Thanks for the chance to try some out! My favorite preserved food would have to be homemade dill pickles. And the one thing Mom and I for sure can for our family every year is applesauce . . . LOTS of applesauce. Mom also cans us homemade salsa, and it beats the stuff from the store all to pieces. I'll bet yours is delicious too!

I would love to try the lids. We are big salsa eaters in our family. I just heard about the lids a few weeks ago from a friend.

What a great idea. I haven't ramped up my canning yet this year and need to get going!

this sound so wonderful! I will just have to try them this summer and fall when the canning starts.

I SO want to try these lids! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

oh, i can't wait to try these lids, i just heard about them recently and am looking forward to canning some peach butter later in the summer when the peaches are ripe! i'm also going to try salsa this year, both tomato and peach!

I keep debating about these lids, everyone seems pleased with them, I just haven't made the jump! So that's a great giveaway :)

want to try these as well, glad to hear they are as good aas I expected-and no nasty BPA like the regular lids!

Sounds like a good deal. Just got my wife a pressure caner and the reusable lids seem to be the way to go.

I would love to try out the Tattler lids. I keep meaning to order them! Great post. I'm going to try canning salsa this year, it looks so yummy.

We just used our tattler lids for the first time last week and canned some Turkey Soup. Our first time trying soup. They worked great. And . . . soup is now my favorite thing to can!

I've been inventorying my canning jars, lids and supplies, looking forward to beginning the processing in another month (I HOPE!) Garden is growing nicely but much further behind yours.

This was a really interesting post. I've never heard of reusable canning lids and wonder too how getting them off without damaging the seal edge. If they work well then it will truly be an economic savings.

Did you use hot water bath or pressure canner?

How do you get the lids off without damaging them? They look cool! I LOVE that they are made in the USA! So hard to find these days. I love salsa made from canned tomatoes. Sounds like it wouldn't work, but it does.
Stay cool!

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