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Watchout! The un-welcomed guest will always look for opportunity to strike. This was the experience my parents used to have.

Those darn raccoons are sure to get in there but not the way you have the chickens secured!! Love the video. Thanks!

Good alert and video to protect the chickens from the predators.

Wow, it's like a wildlife critter party at the coop--only w/o snacks! Glad the kitty and the raccoon didn't get into a fight. Looked like they kinda stared each other down for a little while. :)

If the hens knew how close they came to being chicken pie, they wouldn't lay another egg for weeks! Those naughty raccoons are too clever and smart and determined. Glad your flock is safely caged in.

Those raccoons seemed determined, don't they! Sure glad they can't get in.

WOW!! I have used Nite guards for years and I must say well worth their $ and they are solar powered-I dont want the lil creatures even coming in my yard at night.Your video is just too close for comfort-glad they are all safe!

Wow, you have a lot of visitors at night. Glad to know the chickens are protected. The racoons don't scare me, but those snakes that you have had....yikes! I don't like snakes at all. Thanks for sharing!
Have a great day.

again! again!

Bad, BAD Racoons! No, NO!!

Good grief...you could have a traffic jam outside the coop at night!

Good grief! I'm so happy we have a Fort Knox set-up too. And you've given me a great idea- buy field cam for hubs for his b-day... and "borrow" it for coop watch ;) I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your coop visitors!

Thank you Farmer Lady. From, The Chickens.

Determined Racoons... Good thing the fence goes that far up!

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