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Dreaded! It's huge and ugly and awful, even if it is harmless (a toad would disagree, I'm sure). Bless Alan's heart for "relocating" it for you. And kudos to you for being brave enough to take photos!

Hey Anna -- brilliant pictures, but the subject of those pics ---------- YUCK! YUCK! and MORE YUCK :)))

Blaaaaaaaaddgggghhheeeshhhyeeeaaaaaaaaaalallllalllll!!!!! Bad, bad snake.

I think you need to send the snake to Shala! LOL (I know her) :D As far as I'm concerned: ICK ICK ICK!!! NOT a fan. So happy Alan took it away from the house. Besides, I'm with you~~I love the toads, and we need them around. I have several around our house, and I think they are adorable. But snakes are just not meant to be coddled...at least not in MY book! Great pictures, by the way. :D

Nope...I do not like the look of that snake one bit, Anna! Good thing Alan was there to clear that thing outta there. It's good to have a hero, right!

Bleh! That is one ugly snake! That was nice of y'all to relocate it to the "pond of unwanted snakes." :)

Well I applaud your decision to safely relocate the snake and allow it to live. However, I would not have been as open minded. A couple of weeks ago, on my drive home from the office (on a rare day I actually went in), I had taken my favorite back roads through small farms, over various rivers, and through numerous forests and tree tunnels when I came upon what looked to be a 10' black snake with a diameter larger than that of a garden hose, maybe 2" to 2.5". The serpent in question was attempting to cross the road and was headed in the direction of a dozen horses. As I approached the snake at about 45 mph I pondered momentarily whether to spare its life as it slithered across the unmarked road. I thought to myself, "what right do I have to take another creature's life?" I wondered if it was a "good snake" or one of the undesirables. I actually gave this matter some thought. And then I aimed for it's neck, ran it right over and killed it dead.

I cant explane it but I dont think I have left anything behind on my trip to Texas (that cant be shipped in a box) accept my daughter. I'd go back for sure but...... large, and possibly poisonous snakes in my garden foliage........Copperheads on the front porch and really big SPIDERS!!!! I really, really love the Pacific Northwest temperate zone. I dont even like snake skin boots! Kite flying on Cannon Beach, Oregon....Priceless!.....Love, Dad

Saw your post come up last night BUT waited till this morning in the daylight to read it!!!!! Alan would still be in the garden cleaning up MY mess I would have made after seeing that. You need to make a sign on a little stake that reads "NO SNAKES ALLOWED" for the garden.

OH my... we had a rat snake in the goat pen a few nights ago. And last night took the dogs out and found a rattler!!! Ran back in to get Hubby to come and kill it and it was gone! I would have done it my self, but in my nighty and house shoes and well... it was a BIG ONE! We spent over an hour looking for it, I HATE SNAKES!!!

My philosophy concerning snakes is as follows...

The only good snake is a dead snake. I don't care poisonous or not. We had a copperhead in our kitchen a few years ago. I do not like snakes. I know we are supposed to love all of God's creatures but snakes just push the boundaries. Snakes and scorpions. But that's a rant for another day.

Another creepy crawly in the garden. Did you use the long lense ? I would have had to. The last time I saw one of those I was a kid. We where camping in a friends farm pasture near a creek. Sure glad theysatay out of town. I like the toads in my koi pond and garden. Have a quite snake free day. Hugs...

Way too many snakes in TX -- bleah --

I hate snakes.

Snakes literally make the hair on the back of my neck stand up! No way would I get close enough to snap a picture!

Holy crapazoid, this snake looks like a cobra......geeze my skin is crawling right now. I am terrified of spiders and snakes or anything that moves fast....yuk!

Oh Anna you are braver than me. That would have been the last time I went into the garden!! Snakes yuck, I don't even like our small garter snakes one that big would give me a heart attack. Ann Lind

Wowza,kind of a homely guy! Thanks for sharing Anna,


Better you than I because Alan would be looking for more than two long stakes; I'd need cardiac assistance!!! Glad he's out of your property! I'm pretty sure you said more than, "stay out of my garden, You Snake"....LOL!

Oh, how beautiful! Hog nose snakes come in such a variety of shades. We had one at the Nature Center who was so yellow that I named him Apollo. Good thing you released him/her near water. They also love frogs! Thanks for the great photos!!!

Oh man, I am glad we don't have those around here!

Uh, yeah...snakes...not for me. That's a definite yuck!!

our friend came back to visit again the other night. I got some good photos of him I'll have to post. You're right, we need to start packin'! Or at least keep our men within ear-shot!

Geez Anna, I sure hope you had your biggest zoom on when taking those photos. No way would I have wanted to get that close to any snake, non dangerous or not!


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