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My, that Shorty is a looker! I'll bet all the ladies swoon when he struts by. We have praying mantises around here. Sometimes when I'm watering with the hose, I'll cover one (without seeing it), and it will come fighting up out of the water. They are fierce bugs but so fascinating. Sounds like you need all the help you can get with the insect population. Go get 'em!

I'm going to have nightmares about your grasshopper story. You seriously got close to them in the DARK and snipped them into pieces?!?! >

The praying mantis is cool looking though :)

Shorty is absolutely amazing!!! how beautiful...sooo its the grasshoppers that do the damage to the beans..ours are looking a bit like your beans, maybe I'll have to make a midnite trip outside.. I laughed hysterically about you snipping them..too funny. Kind of the mind set that I have when I "torch" the Japanese beetles from our raspberry patch...found its the best way, they LOVE it..,hahha!!! I did get Neem oil, and still waiting on the liquid copper!!!! LOVE your pics of the Texas life...

excellent pictues today! If it wasn't for all the "free range" chickens that roam the yard Anna would be even more torqued about bugs after dark..... I remember once when as a boy loose in town on a saturday (dangerous) I saw chocolate covered grasshoppers canned in a local upscale department store!..... and ants too! Maybe this is a good idea for another "crop from Anna's garden! They have big legs on them Texas hoppers, yum yum........Love, Dad

Just want to say thanks for all the cool garden pictures you post. They are fantastic.

from a city girl like myself, i can't tell you how much i enjoy your posts about your garden and farm critters. your photos and "tales of the day" give me such joy. thanks for sharing your life. mine seems so mundane in comparison, and every time i read your posts i think...where does she get the energy to do everything she does? you are amazing! besides being extremely talented!! oh, it must be awful to be you! (grin!)

I agree too, Shorty is a looker :)

Love looking at pictures of your garden. Mine is almost a month old and growing so slowly! The bugs were doing a number on my beans, as well as the bunnies on my eggplants! I had to put chicken wire all around my raised beds, hmpf. I did see one itty bitty tomato on my pear tomato plant though, yippee!

ps...keep cuttin' those bugs!

"I spent about an hour in the garden snipping grasshoppers (and other bad bugs) into bits with my garden snips"...WOW!!!! Well, you know what they say, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem...bwahahahahahaha!!!!


Lookin' good! And to think I haven't even planted my flowers yet! Shame on me. LOL. Have a great week. Robin B.

Your praying mantis photos are awesome - and those tomatoes look mighty fine!! :)

oooo Shorty you ARE Handsome! The garden looks really good even in the dry heat. We are very hot and humid today. YUCKY. This could be a LONG HOT summer. Stay cool, hugs...

YOUR veggies are what MY veggies dream of looking like! Shorty is very handsome indeed, and is proof that good things come in small packages.
I just cannot imagine snipping grasshoppers, though, the crunch would get to me. I had to scrape hundreds of them off my car one year, they even got into the heating system. Toasted grasshoppers--yech!!

he he he - my brother and I as kids used to go down the potato rows - one on each side...and using a small piece of bark (didn't want to touch them -eeeewww! lol) push the potato bugs (maybe they were japanese beetles?) into a container of vegetable oil...mom said they suffocated quickly and it was...I quote...'a good death'...lol...

Boy does your garden look good! And Shorty is a handsome guy! This is actually my second visit today! My youngest granddaughter is your biggest fan. When she comes over now the first thing she does is run to the computer to visit the "picture lady". LOL!

Shorty is a very handsome guy! Your garden looks wonderful and all those tomatoes, oh my!

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