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Thank you so much for the tour, everything looks so tasty, and Shorty always cracks me up.

I have a BIG SMILE on my face!!!
LOVED the garden tour. It's certainly true that things DO grow bigger in TEXAS! I can't believe how big your tomato plants are already, as well as the other veggies! WOW! And those sunflowers blooming, it's only June! Even after living there, I've forgotten how far ahead TX is in the Spring/Summer. At least there is SOMETHING good about the TX heat! It grows lots of yummy stuff very quickly! Thanks for the video. It was fabulous! So fun to see all your produce. I'm ready to go to the Farmer's Market! ha :D Have a great week!

Loved watching your garden video! Its not quite consistently warm enough here in So Cal so I haven't even started mine. Hopefully by the end of June. Then it stays warm enough that I'll still be harvesting in Nov. I love your tomato trellis and the watering system. I think I might try a similar version here. Thanks for all the great ideas and info.

Well, as everyone else has said, your garden looks amazing!!! Thanks so much for the video; it was such a joy to watch. I was wondering, though, do you ever plant any types of fruit? I've always wanted a strawberry patch, but not sure how well it would do down here in Corpus! Keep up the fantastic work!!


Thank you for walking us through your beautiful veggie garden. For a city girl, it was quite a treat. It represents many hours of work for you, but what rewards!

What a treat to watch your vidoe, touring the garden. Cute to hear the chook in the background (Shorty?) and all your produce makes my mouth water just thinking about it!
I've been out gardening this afternoon, in my teeny tiny plot, with a couple containers of potatoes, 3 tomato plants (not doing too strong!) and getting my bean poles up ready to plant out some runners.
Hugs, Ruth S

Your garden is absolutely beautiful. I live in ND and all my plants are still really really small. Enjoy the bounty.

Good morning! It's just now shortly after 7:00 a.m. and so enjoyed the sight and sounds in and around your garden video. What a nice treat for the beginning of another day. I have a tip you might like to try using for your garden. Many years ago I heard sisal rope is a good deterent in repeling snakes - such as getting into a garden or chicken pen area. I've been told snakes won't crawl over the roughness of the rope. I've never had an op to try it but certainly will when such an ocassion arises. If I had a chicken pen I'd certain have it surrounded by rope! I don't relish that kind of surprise. Never know if it works until you try it. You're zinnias bring back lots of nice childhood memories. Shorty is such a cutie.

What a gorgeous garden and it looks like you will have lots and lots of fresh veggies to enjoy! Loved the video and thanks for sharing! Shorty is a real ham!!

Thank you for taking the time to share your garden. It looks fabulous! It was so cool to hear your voice. Loved how you got into squishing that awful bug. You go girl! LOL. Have a great weekend. Robin B.

Anna, what a wonderful tour, I loved hearing all the roosters in the background, too funny! Your gardens are doing great, my mouth was watering for all that fresh deliciousness! Thanks for sharing.

Anna, I just LOVED watching your garden video!!! Thank you so much for sharing. What beautiful gardens you have. Your vegetables look so good, oh my! Love your colorful Zinnia's and sunflowers too. I smiled every time I heard the roosters crow. :)
Love your farm and thank you for sharing Anna. I love visiting your blog.

It's like another world down there. I think I'll walk next door and look at my neighbor's garden to see the differences. We had half an inch of rain today. Yay!

thanks for showing the wheel bug nymphs. I hadn't seen or identified them before. :)))))

Anna, I loved watching this post. I must confess that I'm turning into an Anna groupie as I follow your posts on gardening, as well as (of course!!) stamping and cardmaking. I always get so many good gardening ideas and it was such fun to hear your sweet voice as well as the chickens and rooster too. I played "monkey see...monkey do" and took your lead and did a little garden tour for my own blog, and I left links to your expertise here. Thanks for a wonderful post. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Very impressive garden, Anna!! Loved the pictures of your sunflowers. You're gonna have some awesome produce and my mouth was watering as I was taking in your zucchini and tomato plants. All I could think about was zucchini bread and homemade salsa! By the way, you have the sweetest voice!

You narrated! Awesome! Now you need to do the same for your critters and new babies! As if you had nothing but time for making movies! Looks like you'll be eating good all summer and into the winter.

You make me want to hop the next flight to TX and hang out in your garden. :) Our garden is so far behind yours. (Closer to WI it seems!) It was such fun the HEAR your voice and the chicks talk! Big Hugs....

Anna, your garden looks fabulous! I know it's a lot of work, but the rewards are delicious. Makes mine look really puny - but then that's the difference between Texas and Wisconsin. Temps in the high 40's last night! My zucchini just came up a few days ago.

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