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These are amazing photos of the snake. I was so interested in looking at them and reading your commentary. When I was walking my Giant Schnauzers last year in the woods, we came up on a 6' rat snake. I didn't see it at first, but heard that "rattlesnake imitation" that you talked about. I didn't know at the time that they did that, so I thought for sure that we had come across a real rattler. Scared the heck out of me for sure. I contacted a herpetologist at Purdue University and sent him the pic of the snake and told him about the rattle. He responded that this is a defensive mechanism for this snake. I just think that is so awesome. Great post on this! I also loved the video of things around your farm. So cool! You have such a great life! Best, Curt

I'm glad I didn't go to the chicken house last evening when I was there. Just about did! Oh, wow, I would have freaked out. They would have heard me from a mile away! I hate those creepy crawlers. No snake is a good snake! I'll just let you and Alan go in the chicken house and in the gardens. Geez! They don't get in the pool, do they?

from: Alan's Mom

OH MY GOSH! It's a good thing I like you, Anna, because after that snake post, I might never have visited again. SERIOUS shivers going on! I would have fainted right on the spot. I HATE SNAKES more then anything! How do you even leave your house, ever?!! Heeee!


I'd like to have your evening temps for our daytime temps.....LOL

There's just no reason for that kind of heat. No reason at all. Blaaahhhhh!!!!!

Eeeeekkkk gads! Hope you find a place to get some relief from the heat! Ice cubes in all the animals water bowls!!!

That's ghastly. I'm feeling sorry for you right about now. Your lows are our highs.

We would love some of that heat in Alaska! Send it our way!

Oh my heavenly word. I'll trade some of our cold, rainy northwest for some of your heat. Sounds like a good trade off. Been pouring cats & dogs here in Coeur d'Alene all day, for that matter all spring!

Oh my! That's hot! We are chilly and wet up here in NH. Our warmest day this week will struggle to get to 70's. My garden is loving this soaking rain. If the sun ever comes out again it's going to grow like mad! Stay cool in the shade!

Oh, I was reading the bottom row and thought it was great.

I'm sorry; I really am. So much so that I won't even MENTION that our highs are going to be your lows, or lower. ;-)

I got a giggle out of the Fainting Smilie... tooo cute, but the weather is NOT. We are comfortable here. It was VERY hot and humid a week ago. I prefer this. In the 70's and low 80's. :) No need for airconditioning. We have also had plenty of rain. Weeds and garden growing fast. (At least the weeds pull easier than when in hard dry soil!) Have a nice week. Stay as cool as poosible. Hugs...

DH would love to trade weather with you for a few days. Ü It is cool, wet and dreary here and he needs some hot weather to dry the hay so he can bale.

You poor thing! I hope your AC is working when you need to take a break from your hot gardening. I wish I could send you some cool weather, but how about some cool thoughts?....penguins, glaciers, waterfalls, snowballs, icicles, deep forests :)

Sorry for all the grief girls and boys but the temps here in Washington State are rather cool and wet even in the far eastern parts. The grass in the front "yard" (aspen grove) is hip deep and the hay crops this year will be outa sight! To bad the shipping would be just the same, outa sight. We do however have some nice places for sale in the area that are very reasonable, I like cheerful people, for those that may be able to function financially "up here" we have not had a day over 75 yet this year......Have a pleasant day all...Love, Dad

I believe ya.

YEP... the forecast is about the same for here this week. This heat is going to be horrible this summer, I just hope the animals can take it ok. We don't get some rain soon around here and Hay prices are going to be higher than gold prices later in the year!

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