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Yum, sounds like you and Alan have been eating well!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh veggies from the garden...nothing is better than that! You are doing really well so far, especially with the hot, dry weather! I can't imagine anything growing in that heat; and thank goodness for garden hoses, huh??!!
Can't wait to see the next tally! Keep 'em coming! :D

That's cute that you keep track of your produce each year. It's probably interesting to look back at previous years and compare the harvest, huh? And I'm with Jennifer Woodward, how are your girls laying? Are you keeping an egg count?

Love reading your blog. Love your crafts and ideas. Jealous your veggies are doing so well at this poin tin the summer. Here in Ohio, we are still waiting for plants to get 5 inches tall. So much water/ rain. My seedlings and some plants have been washed away. I cannot get to my strawberries- the mud is thick.

Hi Linda!
Weve found Patty Pan squash seeds locally at our local farm supply store. However, seed companies also sell them. Territorial Seed, Willhite, Johnnys, etc.

If you cant find them as patty pan, look for scalloped squash.

Good luck!


I so enjoy your blog!! One question...do you buy your seeds locally or through mail order. I've never seen Patty Pan seeds in the stores around here. I'd like to try growing them. Thanks

That is amazing. I just planted my tomatoes a couple of week ago. It will be weeks before I can harvest anything.. darn cool weather!

So far all we have enjoyed from the garden are the early spring produce of Asparagus, strawberry, onion , radish. Just now getting leaf lettuce and spinach. Peas will be next :) Then green beans. Zucchini went i late as well as the other squash so we have a long wait. Then hope the vine borer will not shorten the season as usual :)
Keep us updated.
And a BIG HAPPY FATHER'S DAY WISH for Papa D.K. Wight. ( I know he will see it here.)

I started my very own vegetable garden this year and am still waiting for the zucchini to grow and get flowers! So I'm kinda jealous to your harvest. LOL
Please send some of the warm weather over to the Netherlands and I will send you some of our cold and wet weather. ;)
Love all your stories about the garden btw!!

Extreme weather, we are getting cold rainy days that leave the garden waiting for some sunshine. Your zuccini candy sounds good. We have a small garden so I don't grow zuccini.We will be heading for Newport next weekend for Rodeo Pickin. Ann Lind

Yay, Boston Pickling Cucumbers! GO CUCUMBERS!

I'm so impressed by your harvests thus far as well as the great way you continue to keep a record each year.

By the way, how are the chickens laying? It was fun watching and guessing the numbers of eggs daily (was that last year you blogged it?).

Wow! You have been busy with all that zucchini!
Mine just has it's first sets of real leaves! I never heard of zucchini candy? Sounds like a fun thing! Enjoy the day!

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