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Yah for the little one. Looks like little one is saying haven't you licked me enough mommie,then you missed under my chin. sure do like kisses from mom. thanks for sharing your four legged babies with us. Tell Lucy she did good. Can't wait to see more pictures. Take care and try to say cool.

YAY! You got a red one! Only thing better would have been a heifer. :D Since Lucy is his mother and she is red, she reminds me of Lucille Ball in "I love Lucy". Maybe you should name the baby "Ricardo" or "Little Ricky" - just an idea. :D I always look forward to your barnyard/garden updates.

Congrats on the new arrival. Can't wait to hear what you name this little guy.

Yay!! Welcome baby!!

Anna and Alan,
Congratulations on the safe arrival of a new member of the family! What a cutie pie. Thanks for sharing the special event!

Congratulations! Now you can travel around without worrying about if she is delivering today. It makes the shopping less worrysome. Maybe mid 70's this weekend! Skeeters as big as your arm, anybody got any recipes for mosquito steaks?......Love, Dad

Good job, Lucy! And great photo's Mama Anna!

Sweet BABY BOY~ HE looks to be a handsome Devil. :) Thanks for sharing the happy event. Looking forward to seeing the next pics and maybe his name.... Hugs....

Aw, beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing these photos, they've made my day that much happier.

Yeah! Congrats Lucy he is soooo cute! hugs and licks from me in Utah! XO

Oohhhh ... cute cute cute !!!! Congratulations :-)

He's just beautiful!!! Congrats to all on the farm. It's wonderful to have a new baby in the pasture! YIPPEE!!! :D

Congrats Anna! Yes, you have beautiful babies on your farm! I love that you share with us!


That is so sweet! Even though it's kinda gross that the mama licks them clean, it still warms my heart that she loves her baby and knows what to do to help it survive. He's a real cutie! Will he be a little Luey instead of Lucy Loo? Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see more photos in the coming days.

Aw, Anna, cuteness!!!!!! But, how come you never take pics of the cows eating the afterbirth?

What a precious wee face! What shall you name him?

Isn't it funny to think about, that the first thing they all do is look for food. You would think they had been starving all those months in the womb and like a diabetic with a sugar low, needs something NOW! Do you think it is a sugar low after birth that guides them to mom right away?

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