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Garden is looking fantastic, Anna! Have a wonderful time at Mom & Dad's this weekend. You and your Mom and Aunt Patty crafting a day away? Don't forget to post, if you do!

Oh my word! Love the card and LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of that chicken (or rooster) looking through the wire fence at the zinnias. Hilarious. Have a safe and uneventful trip and hurry back. Hug your Mom for me, please. And don't forget! I'll find out, you know. I have my sources.

Darling card and colors, Anna! I would like to taste your homemade yogurt someday--my first experience with homemade yogurt was not good, but I'm sure yours is delicious. Way to clear out the bugs in your garden! That's funny that you work at night! So glad you get to visit your mom and dad for your mom's BD. The weather is glorious up here (your dad is actually telling the truth). :)

Wow, I'm so envious of your garden. Our weather has been so bad this spring that nothing has been planted yet. Soon! Have a great trip to see your parents & Happy Bday to your Mom. Good wishes to Alan - that's a lot to look after, but I think he's pretty capable. Hugs.

Cutting bugs in half....little does she know that when one of Anna's critters is in danger serious "stuff" is about to happen! Commando knife, guns, nerve gas, yup, serious stuff. Take for instance the famous "raccoon in the hen house" incident..WOW! close range full auto gunfire! Bugs dont have a chance if she sees "em. Hasta la veesta Baby! (I know where she gets it too) I almost "went to guns" on a bat in our house once..bad scene, I had a bad experience once as a lad...I'm still freaked out, shesh. Alan is very brave...
On a better note, the first 70 degree day of the season today! 74 on Saturday, Hip Hip hoorah!

Wow your garden does grow. Life here is slower this year so plants are just starting to take off. Have a great time with your mom and dad.

You CUT catapillars in half?!!? *shudder* I'd never make it on a farm - you're so tough!

Have a fun weekend away :)

I can't believe how much stuff has grown since I last visited right after you posted your red neck tomato bed! Really enjoyed your videos, which obviously have sound, but you need to narrate them! Here's Dixie, here's Junior, etc., so we know who we're seeing. Then, they would be perfect! So glad you got some rain and that the garden didn't suffer too much from that awful hail. Have fun this weekend with your Mom up in God's Country.

Your garden looks wonderful. Wow! Such dedication to it. Enjoy your time with your parents.

Your garden looks amazing! You are so far ahead of us. Our peas are not evening coming through. (It has been dry since planting.) I have not had time to buy flowers let alone get them in the ground. A friend gave us June bearing strawberries that had outgrown her bed. :) Reminds me to go water them. It was SO HOT here yesterday we broke the heat record for the day :( YUCKY.
Have afun weekend with Mom and Dad, hugs to all...

Ahhh, bug patrol! Don't you wish you could teach those chickens to eat all those gourmet bugs without wrecking the plants? You need a chicken whisperer! Have fun at your Moms and wish her a happy day from us too!

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