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Oh man! Any size of snake is oversized! Glad it wasn't poisonous, but egads! Why do they have to grow so big?! How do snakes compare to spiders on your "most disliked" list?

I cannot imagine dealing with snakes, like you and Alan do. Yikes!!!!!!

Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes. I hate snakes. (Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones).

I know they are good to have around but I just don't like them because when you least expect it, there they are right next to you. I can deal with them but I don't like it.

Have a great day in the garden.

EEK*EEK*EEK!!! Not a fan of snakes, either. They are just creepy! Where I grew up in East TN, there were LOTS of rattlesnakes. The men that cut timber in our woods, would kill them and hang them on the fence. Many of them were way over 6' long, and just huge! I have vivid memories of those things!
I'm glad you and Alan got the snake out of the chicken house. We do NOT want snakes eating your eggs! I hope it stays way out in the pasture. Maybe you should make a sign for the chicken coop: "NO SNAKES ALLOWED"! hehe Have a great week, Anna! :D

I'm so glad you titled your blog with 'snake'. Even seeing a picture of a snake almost sends me into a panic attack. I don't know if you had pictures of it or not, but with the title it gave me a warning to not open the photos. Thank you.

EW! EW! EW!!!! *unvoluntary shudder*

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you for not posting pictures of the snake. They REALLY REALLY freak me out.

Ha! Sounds like quite an adventure! Glad you got him all relocated. Hopefully he doesn't come back for another surprise visit!

So are you calling rattlers "rat" snakes? Or are they different? I think I would have gotten a gun and shot it's head off - seriously!! Glad you all are OK...I think Alan should have actually taken him to Tennessee or somewhere farther!!

This would be something like the new cel phone commercial with the lady screaming at the phone with the tarantula that popped onto the screen. definately bad JuJu. Yup, that gent flattened the phone with a shoe. It actually sounds like Anna! the best commercial I have seen in a long time. The only thing missing from this story is a hole in the wall of the restaurant.....Love, Dad and Happy Sunday!

Hi Anna,

As much as I love your photography, I'm kinda glad you didn't take the camera! (pretty selfish of me, huh!).

You are so brave! I admire how you deal with all the things on the farm - oh, if I could only have such courage!

ICK!! One snake is still better than a million grasshoppers (to me anyway!), but I don't want to ever see a snake that big. Glad you saved it and glad Alan was there to save you and the chickens :)

I would have dropped dead of a heart attack. My lord 6 feet. Would it have just eatten eggs or tried for a hen or two? I am glad we just have the odd gatter snake and they give me the shivers. Ann Lind

Snakes and Spiders and coyote's Oh My. Always an adventure around your farm! My cousin lives in Pinole, CA and always has rattlesnakes visiting. So she was actually glad to see the 6 1/2 foot King Snake in the yard. (They eat rattlers) Yuck. Glad he/she was sent packing and away from the egg snacks. Have a relaxing Sunday. Hugs...

Sure glad you didn't call us to help! I would have freaked out! Yhe only "good" snake is a dead snake. :) Glad you got him out of the chicken house. WOW!

Gives me shivers. I mighta just peed my pants right then and there.

EEEEP! I know he's a "good" snake, but still. (eeeep)

UGH, I do no like snakes! We have a few rat snakes that we see from time to time! A few years ago two climbed up into our Purple Martin house and ate the babies! Nature is cruel sometiimes. Glad you were able to get this one relocated this one!

OMG Anna! I would have... well, let's just say it would NOT have been a good thing!
Life on the farm is always full of adventure isn't it! LOL

Yikes. I DO NOT like snakes. Yes, I know, there are "good" ones but I still will never like them.

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