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Oh, man, your Dad is such a weinie! :))))) I'm going to bet a buck that your hackberry branches sprout. They would up here! :) I love the way you mow. I hate that my neighbors come over and mow my yard! They are destroying my wildlife habitat!

love the tee-pee,,was thinking that we might need one in our garden, which we just planted this past week-end here in Mi. getting some nice rain to help out the seed growth/plants.
I love your farm/gardens..quirky things you do!! great ideas behind all of it.

All I seem to be able to think about is the 6ft snake under the vegitation in the garden and under the the T-P or a copperhead. I'm afraid I would be doing most of my garden work with a shotgun nearby and a razor sharp hoe in hand. How about a flame thrower? I really hate snakes and creepy spiders!!!!!
I've never seen any snakes in the grocery store........Love, Dad

Awesome! Your teepee will be covered in vines in no time!!! Can't wait to see the beautiful bounty. Isn't life on the farm just the BEST??!! XOXOXO

Cool Tee-pee! Can't wait to see what it looks like after those beans get to growing! Everything else is looking real green and healthy too.

Oh my! Only you would think of building a teepee for your bean plants and then actually get the thing built! Especially with the ground so hard! Bravo, girly! Can't wait to see your teepee covered with bean vines.

That tiny pink zinnia makes me want to . . . go build a card with a pink flower on it. :)

What a great idea for your beans! Are they the kind you dry? Your garden looks wonderful! The kids can't even get theirs in because of the rain and standing water. I have a few things in containers on the porch...tomatoes and herbs. I never got one tomato last year, so I'm hoping for a better year!

I LOVE the beans tee-pee. :) Great idea, Cool looking. Mowing paths adn leaving the rest in prairie is my kind of yard. ;) Hugs...

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