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We have two black roosters. One is fine. The other I call "evil twin". You can be walking along and hear him padding up behind you, coming to peck you. I can't tell you how many shoes I've pitched at him. Now, when I swing around and 'give him the eye', he makes a u-turn and runs the other way!

He is quite a handsome fellow for all his bullish behavior. Hope he minds his manners from now on!

WOW, I didn't know you had to be a "manicurist" to have chickens! hehe That is awesome, that you can trim the spurs when needed. Amazing! (I'm convinced you can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on earth!!) :D Such a beautiful fowl...and the bear birthday card is ADORABLE! I love that image. So cute! And your coloring and glitter is great, as always!!! Have a great weekend, and a special Mother's Day , as you are Mom to many species of "babies"! You are the BEST!

Oh My, I didn't know that chickens/roosters only?...needed to have their nails cut. Thought all that scratching around sorta took care of that.
The pics are too cute. Glad you took advantage of the moment.

Your Dad is just great! I love that he regularly comments to your blog. We had an attack rooster as well... he was a big white fella, always attacking our son, but he was only 2 1/2 when 'Roaster' would attach him, so he promptly became a nice roast for dinner one night. I had to take a picture of him on the scale, all dressed for dinner.... all 8 and 1/2 POUNDS!!! :)

The "shot" pardon the pun, of him in all his glory saying "I'm a big tuff rooster" somehow reminds me of James Cagney a real tuff guy, and funny too.....Yup, Streamer flys, one ringy dingy, zip....Dad

When I was a kid I walked into the chicken coop at my grandparents' farm and was promptly cornered by a rooster coming at me, spurs first. Little brat! I wasn't supposed to be int here alone, but I thought I was a big shot ;) I learned my lesson! He may be a stinker, but he sure is handsome! Looks only get you so far though ;)

LOL Anna. I can relate to the attack chicken. . . John's daughter once was attacked by a rooster while at a bike repair shop. The man that owned the rooster did not delay his punishment. As we were driving off with the bicycle, he was headed to the chicken shed with sharp object in hand! Poor rooster, but bet they had a yummy soup that evening.

By the way, that last picture should be up for a naming competition.

It looks like he's worried about becoming soup or a nice chicken pot pie.

Maybe he's saying: "But I don't like chicken pot pie!"

Zippidy is like most kids I know - they just don't know how good they've got it!

You're far more patient than my mother was. When I was about 10 years old, we had a rooster named "Clarin" (CLA-REEN or CLA-DEEN) and his favorite ankles to attack were my mother's. She wasn't able to wear sandals around the rooster either because he loved to attack her toes. The aggressive behavior got him sent to a local Petting Zoo. When we got back to our car in the parking lot after dropping him off at the Petting Zoo, we found Clarin waiting at the car. How he beat us to the car in that crowded parking lot still baffles me. This happened 2 more times until we persuaded the zoo people to hold him while we made our departure.

Zippy is a handsome *devil* Silly Rooster. My son worked on a farm that had a rooster that hated him. Always on the attack. Your Dad is silly (like you didn't know!) Have a fabulous Friday, hugs....

He is a handsome devil! Well if he can't behave, your dad is right. He would make a very nice soup! Beware Zippity, or your doodah will be cooked!

hee hee!

Ooooh Mr. Zippidy best be careful. Maybe Alan will have to have the "talk" with him about what happens when you get too big for your britches, or spurs in this case! Have a great Friday! I'll be smiling at your Dad all day....Streamers? I betcha you are right!

If the little bugger doesn't chill out for you he'll make a great soup stock, big grin, and some superb streamer flys for Dad...Mom has a story about an agressive rooster she likes to tell....when she is upset with me....an evil story too...gives me the willeys...Happy Mothers Day out there girls! Yes, even I had a mother, Born on Labor Day 1950 been a pain in the....ever since. Love, Dad

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