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That was a working vacation, all right. But tons of fun. I remember Albeni Falls!

This is going to be such an amazing addition to your mom and dad's home! Your dad will never see your mom again after her quilting room is finished. :) Add to that the new boat he will be getting for building the new quilting room, and your mom will never see your dad again either! I tell ya, you can never have too much covered storage space . . . they will love it! My parents closed in the wraparound porch on their house a few years ago and have been soooo happy with it! Thanks for sharing these photos with us. Your parents are blessed to have such a wonderful daughter.

Glad you're home safely and enjoyed your time with your parents. They sound like lots of fun....your dad's comment above is priceless. Blessed you! Your mom is going to be squeeling with delight when it's all finished. I just know it.

Thanks for the photos. I was waiting patiently to see how your Dad's work was coming as he said "Wait for Anna to take photos." :) It's muggy as *bleep* here.

Oh, I'm so happy you got to go "home" for a visit and birthday celebration! And your Dad's addition to the house is FANTASTIC! I am so excited for your Mom to have a new quilting studio...what a dream-come-true, I'm sure! WOOHOO! The addition looks awesome, and I'm sure they are both anxious to see it finished. It's awfully close! I hope the TX weather is OK for you, it's got to be hard to go back after having a little break from the heat. UGH.

Sounds like you had a very productive weekend. My oh my, you are one busy girl. If you run out of projects there are some things you can do at my house. LOL. Glad you made it back and look forward to more updates. Your tomatoes probably grew six inches while you were gone. Here in Ohio most people have not even planted their garden yet because of the seriously wet conditions. Heck, a lot of folks have barely been able to cut their grass because of the rain. Today and Saturday are supposed to be nice, but then more wet stuff for the next five days. Ugghhh! Have a great weekend. Robin B.

I only add onto log houses and in Northeastern Washington State. The area with the extended roof is where the carport will attach. Downsize is not an option when your wife buys a long arm quilting machine with a footprint of up to 16ft. in length! The room is 18x25 ft. with a 12ft. ceiling on the house side to accomodate the fabric bolt storage that she requires and design wall and the gas stove and setee for sipping tea. I added an extra door so I could be able to avoid all the extra progesterone. (many ladies have already expressed an interest in intruding on my space) with a loft above the entry by the pantry for storage of batting and unneccessary parts of the quilting machine frame and equipment. I feel another new boat in my near future......or maybe a Salmon trip to Vancouver Island.....Gabi, I dont work cheap, but I can be had.....Love, Dad

Missed ya! But really happy for the time you got to spend with your cool parents! Your mom must be over the moon to get both a pantry and a studio! I'm excited for her!

Have to say, I missed your posts! :) But I'm so glad you were blessed to spend quality time with your parents!

Is there anything you CAN'T do?!?! Seriously, you're like superwoman :)

You found that fun? I have a few projects I would LOVE to have you come help with! LOL. :) Glad to see you back. (I bet Alan was too.) I am pretty envious of the nice pantry, storage area and especially the quilting room. WOW. Have a fabulous Friday, Hugs...

At a age when a lot of people are downsizing, somehow I find it exciting to see your parents EXPANDING!

Your such a nice daughter.

fabulous work! ...when DK finishes, can you send him down here?

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