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Wow that is one perfect zucchini!

Already??? sheeshhhh.... mine are still at two leaf stage. Here's to some zucchini!! :)


This is all set up for a left-hander(?). It's amazing how soon you start harvesting garden truck there!

what is your favorite Zucchini recipe?

This is so strange. In Nebraska, we are only a few days past the official frost-free date! I don't plant anything, so nice to see your photos. But, yeah, my weeds are doing great! Today is sooooooo humid that mushrooms are blooming on the side of the house, and on ppl, unless they move fast.

It seems like you just planted everything and its already picking time..wow!The only stuff growing here is the weeds so far--we've had record rain and colder than usual weather- it should be springy-summery warm by now--I think the earthquake in Japan and weird happenings world wide has really affected the weather this year for a lot of us, all over the continent.

Your garden is growing like gang busters! Enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Yummy! So far all we have had from the garden is asparagus (And lots of it!) The peas and beans are only a few inches tall. We are that far behind you in IA! Have a lovely day. Hugs...

Looks delicious!! We harvested some yellow squash and 1 zucchini and 2 tomatoes so far. So good!

They look like beauties! I love squash and green beans. Last year I grew one of my large flower box planters full of bush beans and they were great. Hope this year is as good the weather has not been cooperating so far though. Any cool veggie recipes you could share? I'm always on the look out for new ways to prepare fresh veggies without turning it into a caloric dense nighmare. Simple and tasty is better to me....


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