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Ohhhh Anna, she is beyond cute and I SO want one ... think you could pop one in a ventulated box for me :o)
You should have seen my Boston Riggs, listening to Dolly chirpin`around ...his head was going from side-to-side - so cute :p

Looks like you have lots of good help while you're workin'. She's darling (let's hope it's a "she").

Ohh, what a cutie!! Baby chicks are just one of the most adorable things!! Thanks for sharing.

Yes that IS quite the neat chicken on the calendar! Oh, and Dolly's getting big. What a cutie Patootie!

What a darling Dolly! Hope you enjoy spending time with your mom on her birthday!

Miss Dolly is so adorable! It'll shock her to have to go outside with the "rest" of the ladies.

Oh how sweet. Dolly is never gonna want to go back to the coop! Reminds me of th etime Dee spent in the house being pamper, lucky chicks. Hugs...

Too cute!!!!

How cute! That's going to be one friendly chicken someday! How fun!

How does that saying go...A chick on the hand is better than chicken poo in my keyboard? Ya, I think that's it... Or, How come she is holding that mouse thing instead of me? Hey! look at that cool chicken on the calender!.......Love, Dad

But what a CUTE way to make a livin! Hi Dolly & Alan you are awesome for taking care of the farm while Anna's away. Have a wonderful weekend with all the Critters.

ahhh..I want a chick on my hand!

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