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Adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Awww...how sweet. Have you named this one yet? It just reminded me of those Easter Peeps with it's soft yellow color and the cute little peeping sounds. You make a wonderful critter mommy.

Most adorable! Love it! Thanks for sharing this sweet video! Happy Mother's Day! :)

What a cute video! Preston was very interested in watching the chickie :)

Love the sweet peeps and chirps. It looks like a toy. I want to hold it (very gently of course). You have such a mommy's heart for all your animals!

Congratulations on more Turkins! I like to keep up on my namesakes! :-) What a cute little house chick you have there.
I hope all your farm animals showed you some love on Mother's Day. A little pay back for all the love you show them.
Hugs, Manetta

How adorable.

Thanks for the Mama Day greeting!! All babies are the cutest...and this chick found a cute mama!You'll have to teach her how to use the computer so she can be your office girl...or Mr. Lauhoff's...Love, MOM

So cute, and finally, a glimpse of that engagement ring!! Happy Mother's Day, Anna, proud Mama to all things furry and fuzzy!

Oh how sweet is that?!! I had my snuggle-bun Mr. Bilbo Baggins (1 yr. old Maine Coon kitty) in my lap and he was very interested in your little baby!
Thanks for sharing Anna! Happy Mother's Day!!

Aww Anna you are such a good Chickie Momma, Happy Mother's Day to your Moms and YOU, too... After all you are a Momma to lots of featery and furry kids. :) Big Hugs...

I hope the chick imprints on you and ends up following you everywhere you go. What an adorable and "independent" little chick. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom, your Alan's Mom, and you too (why not).

Awww, sweet chick! Have a great Mothers Day!

You are going to have to find some soft mittens to put on, so little chick thinks you are soft and cuddly under your hand, and Mama. LOL

Don't you think you are just going to love that little chick so much more then the others, cause look at how attached she/he is to you.

Happy Mother's Day!

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