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Wow! That garden gives me lots of motivation. I will, will, will get one planted next year :) Liz

Lovely gardens Anna - we can't even start ours for about another three weeks. But *hint hint hint* I was still hoping for an update and pic of my Gal-Pal, Betty :)))

Stanley is just adorable.

Absolutely love seeing the pictures of your good growing!!! Thanks so much for taking the time and beautiful pictures and descriptions, wish I had that kind of talent! Love your critters too.

Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your pic's!! Your gardens are awesome, Stanley is adorable and Weezie is the cutest chicken...ever!!

Karen x

Nice pictures as always the recovery is amazing. Stanley is looking a little "lite" if you know what I mean. Is his mother short on supply? You would have mentioned scours so I gather he's not ill. If the other gals have milk to spare...maybe he's just hunched up but it does look like he could take some more groceries. Many first timers are short on milk, it's more of a beef breed problem than Dairy cattle.....More gravy Ma!........Love, Dad

Ok...i'm officially doing my rain dance to send some more way. We have plenty to share. And it looks like you could use more to end your drought. Love the very handsome chick with the crazy hair. It looks like it's just a wash n wear style!! LOL. Have a great week. Take care. Robin B.

Happy May Day to you too! - Spent the morning here at church. Got some May Day Flowers from hubby, my mom and Greta and Coleen. Got them planted today.
Weather here for this week (rain) Ugh!

Thanks so much for the video. I live vicariously through you Anna. I really believe I'm a city girl who was meant to be a farm girl...alas it was not to be. Do give us another as time allows.

Your garden looks great! We won't be able to plant until mid-month.

The prickly pear in bloom is lovely, too. Ours usually blooms mid-June. Who knows this year, though, it's been such a cold spring.

Thanks for sharing spring!

Anna, love your updates on the garden. I love to see all that GREEN!! Thanks for sharing.

You and Alan are gardeners extraordinaire! I'm so impressed with all your labors and their fruits (and veges)! The chickens always make me smile . . . they're so colorful (and beautiful) in the green grass.

I continue to be impressed with your gardening skillz! Things are really coming up and along despite your storm set-backs. I hope your garden yields you an awesome crop. Stanley, he just looks so soft and cuddly!

Oh how I love Weezie's feather doo! Stanley is just so cute! And the garden looks fabulous even with the storm damaged leaves!

It looks like everyhing is doing well in spite of the hail storm! Nice recovery. :) The chickens sure look happy pecking for bugs. Stanly is ADORA-BULL, LOL.... Have a wonderful Week. Hugs...

Love your updates with the animals and progress in the garden.
Reminds of when we kept chickens as a girl - those eggs were *good*!! And you make me wish for a bigger garden myself with all those mouth-watering veggie plants. I only have a teeny courtyard space in the city and it doesn't get much sun. Just enough space for a wigwam of climbing beans and a few containers for herbs and potatoes ;)
Hugs, Ruth S

I love reading your garden updates, I was wondering especially how the tomatoes had held up. And Stanley is just so cute!!!

I love, love, LOVE the chicken pictures - what a beautiful variety you have, Anna. And that baby is SO cute!! Glad your garden is surviving! Good work! God bless....Jeanne in Idaho

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