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Nice to see you are interested in gardening too.Nice pictures of your garden and its showing you are taking care of your garden a lot.Have you ever tried hydroponic gardening or indoor gardening?Keep me updated.

Amazing how quickly your plants grow and produce! I guess it's all that hot weather and water. Love your comments about the roosters in the basil. :-)

What's that "odd" looking plant in your herb tub? canabis?.....gotcha! It's still raining here at home... Bummer I'm pretty sure if it doesn't dry out we'll have quicksand behind the house to get lost in. Love your garden, I dont think it would be wise to tether a goat near the beds to trim the grass,(but entertaining) specially Betty. You might try some mulch around the strawberries, they do seem to do well in poor soils as long as it's fairly loose and they get enough extra "nutriants" or smart pills....Love, Dad

Love your watering system!

Anna, I just love this time of the year. There's so much new life in world. Babies are born in the wild; plants are growing with all new life; and everything is green and fresh and smells wonderful.

My garden is just establishing the newly planted seeds and plants. The lettuce is pretty spotty but it's the first time I've ever tried to grow lettuce and apparently I have much to learn about growing it. The radishes have nice leafy tops but not under them yet. Perhaps my compost dirt is a little rich in nitrogen and made the radishes go to all foliage.

Have a great day in the garden.

Your garden is BEAUTIFUL! It looks like it was PROFESSIONALLY done! Seriously, your trellises, beds, and everything are just perfect. I can't believe how quickly everything is growing! You will have things to eat in no time. How fun! You are going to have TONS of produce!!! :D

Love seeing your gardens progression! You have such awesome ideas for planting, will have to show this to my DH!

Wow! Your veggies are growing like weeds! I could use some of your basil! ;) I'm making some pesto and need to buy some. We're in for a 93 degree day today in NC...how about you?

Glad you are back and your garden looks wonderful . .. in Ohio we haven't even got our garden out yet. Coming this week! SNAKES! ugh I don't like snakes neither and we deal with a few every year it seems like. Great addition to your mom & dads house. She is going to love that room! Thanks for sharing with us.

Are you organic gardening? Looks like you'll have enough produce to sell, or are you planning on putting up any extras? I'm showing your pices to my SIL who promised me "some sort a garden area" next year.

It's looking fabulous.

Your garden is looking great. i lived in austin for ten years from 1982-1992 then i moved to the east coast sc. I'm from ft worth tx did you guys get any rain. still praying
that you get some much needed rain.
P S Love love seeing the pic of your 2and 4 legged babies. can't wait to see what happen next on the farm be safe with the snakes.dparadise

Wow!! Your garden is looking great! We just have peas and lettuce popping up so far. We may get one more frost this week and then it should be OK to get our little plants in and the rest of the seeds planted. We should have a good batch of asparagus tomorrow for dinner. Yummm!

Looking Great! Our garden is just begging to show through the soil! (Unless we put plants in). The the strawberries look like we might even get a few. This is their second year. Looking forward to the next garden update. Hugs...

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