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Love those pics, keep 'em comin', they make my day. I would LOVE to send you some rain from Central NY!!!! We are so sick of it at this point!

LOVE the photo of the flag and birdhouse. Also, the colors in the head shot of Shorty are just awesome! TFS.

I love your farm posts! That picture of Shorty is perfection!

Come on, Lucy! Have a little heifer, and Alan and Anna can name it Lucy Loo. Love the photos of the turken chicks. How cute they are, and how cute that one is on its mama's back! Is Shorty the rooster that loves you? (Maybe they all do.) :) Thanks for the fun photos.

Oh, Anna...I love the pic of Olive Oyle and her piggy-back baby!! Adorable. I've seen chicks sit on their mom's backs, but not while moving!!

PS - COME ON, LUCY!!! You can do it!!!

XOXOXO from Idaho

I dont mean to rain on the parade but have you felt or even seen any "movement" in regards to the calf she is supposed to be carrying? She looks a bit "flat" if you know what I mean for a cow that you two have been caring for. Some of the other girls looked like a barrel with legs sticking out to the sides prior to the delivery date in the last few weeks....Love, Dad Oh...great pictures of life on the farm on an always pastoral day at home.

Poor Lucy, I went over with my 1st child. It is NO fun waiting. And to be so hot already. How miserable.
We needed rain and we GOT RAIN. So be careful what you ask for...LOL.
Those turken babies are as my Dad would say,*So ugly they are cute*! I love the name Olive Oyle for the Mamma. Very fitting. She LOOKS like Olive Oyle. :) So cute with her baby riding papoose.
My weekend was spent dodging rain and holding stuff down in VERY strong winds. When we had some dry moments we checked the garden and planted a few flowers.
Have a sweet shortened week. hugs...

Hope she delivers soon.
That chick hopping a ride is just the cutest thing, so sweet. Have a great week.

Dear Lucy,

We can't wait to see your new little one!! We are all patiently waiting!!

Your fans!

Oh, Anna, you HAVE to find somplace (or some places) to publish that photo of the chick riding on her mama!!!!!

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