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It sounds like you have a desperate need of RAIN! Hope you get some soon! Sorry about the sad babies and mamas and all the MOOOOing. :( Love your springy card!

Please Great Green Thumb and Poultry Princess, PLEASE SHOW US! :)

Love sprouts, how do you sprout them?
Your card is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

I love this! it is wonderful...
Lovely Job

Ahhhhhhhhhh, so nice to see card-makers breaking out the bright colors! I am soooooo tired of "neutrals". :) The calendar page for April (that was made by our stamping club) is bright with a bunny, colored eggs and cheery flowers.

I never think of sprouts, but do like them. I like crunchy. :)

Yep, love sprouts, and have made my own off and on for the last 25 years!

Yup, Sprouts are great on burgers and and sandwiches in general and salads too! Alfalfa, radish, and bean to mention a few. They stay put in sandwiches and add a nice touch of extra zip if you use radish sprouts. To Laura Rathja, Anna gets very homesick from time to time and I verry much loved traveling to Eugene to do "Daddy could you do this" jobs for her. We have been trying to "help" in her "repatriation" in our own way. "M" is much closer to home for Mom and I. However, it's a verry long way from Texas to Florence, Oregon or Sisters......sorry to say.... but Texas has something right now that was not in Oregon and it starts with an "A"......Love, Dad

I couldn't stand to hear those poor things cry - it would break my heart...I guess that is why some people are called to be farmers and vets and things like that - I just couldn't take it.
I hope you guys get the rain you are needing!

Love this sweet card with the amazing coloring. I love sprouts too. We have our garden tilled and waiting on warmer weather to plant. I am hoping you get rain soon.

I would gladly send you rain from Western Washington in exchange for some sun from Texas. How much would you like?

Spring...in the form of a beautiful card!! Love sprouts on sandwiches! YUM!!

Plenty of rain to share here in Oregon! I believe it rained 29 out of 31 days in March... One of the top 10 rainiest Marches on record! But the daffodils and cherry blossoms are out all over town, and surely the sun must be coming soon! Happy April!

Love the card! Yes, I.d love to know how to grow sprouts!

I love sprouts and would love to learn how to grow my own. I heard it's pretty easy!

We are having snow as I type this - big snowflakes too! I remember my mother making fresh sprouts and I'd love to learn Anna!! I'd love to know where to get the best legumes - online or the local health food store maybe? and broccoli? Sounds yummy but never heard of it!! :) Still trying to talk the DH into a few chickens and a coop and run...love your photos as always...

Yes please! Love sprouts.

Pretty spring card. I like alfalfa sprouts on sandwiches and salads, & bean sprouts in stir fry, but have never tried any other kind. I know you can grow them, but have never tried that either.

Good luck with all that mooing, lol
Apparently we got an April fool's joke in the form of a couple of inches of snow this morning. Big , beautiful fluffy snowflakes. I'm boxing it up now to send to you, ha, ha.
I have grown sprouts in the past , but I prefer to give them to the chickens, not a real fan of them on salads. Have a wonderful weekend.

LOVE sprouts! I'm ready to prep the garden beds this week. Do tell - how do you grow sprouts? And I LOVE your card! Makes me smile. Hugs.

I have never tried sprouts. I hear they are easy to grow your own.
I spent a weekend at my Uncles farm once on the day they had seperated the babies and Momas. Oh such a racket! Poor things. :)
Pretty card. Another great sentiment from *All Things With Love* set?
TGIF and Big hugs...

Love your card Anna... We are getting rid of the last of our MOUNDS of snow up here in Ontario...
I love sprouts!!

Love your card! Sorry about the rain. We have had a little but we are still in a moderate draught here too. I would love to learn how to grow sprouts! I love them on my sandwiches they give a good crunch! Have a great weekend!

Love that spring card! Very pretty!
I have no rain to send you but would gladly share the 12-18" of snow we are getting today! Blech!

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