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Oh, my! Those hailstones are big, and they did terrible damage to your home. Well, it's a good thing that you are safe, and I think that's because you have a well-maintained metal roof. That's what sturdy is all about. I hope your farm is alright now. :)

An ordinary rain storm isn't that much of a problem, but turn that rain into hail and, boy, you'll be in a world of pain. Imagine an ice cube being thrown by a pitching machine, that's why roofs and other properties look like they've been Swiss cheesed up! Anyway, I hope your farm is going fine after that fiasco!

I've never seen hail balls that big. They looked about the size of cauliflower in your hand! Did they damage your SUV? Glad everything survived and you FINALLY got the rain you so desperately needed.

Oh no. Your poor tomato plants!!! Glad it wasn't any worse!

Good grief - those make the largest hailstones we get hear look microscopic. And given the amount of damage they can do, your poor plants!! And those poor wet animals - the rooster was a pathetic sight to see.

Love the video. Those were Texas size hail. Our weather here in Ohio has been nothing but rain. Actually broke a record for the most rain in April...and we still have four more days to go and rain the next three days. I'll talk with the big man upstairs and see if he can't send some more rain your way. Glad at least you didn't have to water your plants today. LOL. See ya. Robin

Cool video Anna! Your 'maters sure took a beating! The wet rooster made me giggle. I love watching them try to shake off all those wet feathers! The calves sure are eating good!

Great video, Anna! Thanks for sharing! Was your car damaged at all from that house-sized hail?? And do all the animals know enough to run for cover when it storms, or do you have to put them away??

LOVed it...Thanks for sharing...loved hearing the rooster..boy was he soaked!!!

Wow, what a storm. I guess you have to be careful what you wish for! Love the little calves especially that new little one & his racing about. So cute. Glad no one was harmed. Hugs.

Well, you did ask for rain! Be careful what you wish for as it may just come true!

Well, they always say things are bigger in Texas ... I guess that goes for the hail too!

WOW those where some BIG hail stones
(it was fun to hear Alan's voice) The plants look like they will recover. And happy for the nice drink :) The frisky calf is ADORABLE. Hope today is a bit calmer, hugs...

Ice chunks 7, tomatoe plants 0. Wow! I'd feel like running in circles too!

I see my rain dancing worked! ;) I suppose it coul use a little perfecting!

Oh my word! The hail was the largest I've ever seen and we used to see a lot of hail when I was growing up. So sorry about your damaged plants but glad you weren't hurt physically. What a storm!! You can see the confusion and fear/wonder in the eyes of all of the animals. Oh but the calf is cute! After a little milkshake to drink he's just all legs flying! :)

I've never seen hail that large. What huge storm. I bet you had some dings on your car. WE had a bad hail storm here in FLorida once and my car was punded. I had to have the whole body done. I love the calf running and nursing.

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