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I can see that you are challenged by your subjects' affection for you and the camera. :) The calf is soooo sweet! What was that bird running around at the end? A guinea fowl? I was also struck by how flat it is . . . . Did that take some getting used to after growing up in the mountains? Fabulous video!

Larry & I enjoyed the video. Princess was on my lap and she was even watching! Has your garden perked back up after the hail?

Just love your farm videos. Thanks for taking the time to shoot and upload them!! :)

Thanks for the "trip" to your farm... just what I needed after a busy, crazy day!

I SOOO love all of your animal/farm pics! thanks for bringing a smile to my face...have a great weekend....

Oh what a beautiful day on the farm! Thanks for the big smile you brought to my face. Happy Weekend.

Anna, what a fantastic video. I love to watch all of the wonderful animals. I wish that you would have done some commenting...telling us who and what we we seeing. I love all of the terrific names you have for the animals.
Hope to see many more.

Hi Sandy H, That is Weezie, my golden laced polish hen. She's a riot! :)

Anna, thanks for sharing your critters with us. Who was the brown chicken with the beautiful gold feathers and the bouffant hairdo? Don't remember that one.

Thanks so much for all your postings. It is a real treat to see your beautiful animals and the farm. Your photos and videos are so heartwarming; you have a wonderful way of zeroing in on the most fascinating aspects of your surroundings!
You are amazing to get so much done! You do a lot more in one day than many people do in two weeks! Wishing you the very best of luck in all your endeavors.

Those babies are SO sweet!! I love all their noses, even the big ones!! And today doesn't look anything like you just had a storm the other day! What happiness you have, loving all those creatures! God bless....from Idaho

OH YEA!!! You showed the donkeys today! Love the donkeys.. LOL OF course! But they are all adorable...

I forget that you have donkeys. We don't see them as much as the other critters. I spotted a guinie fowl, too. The new calf is so beautiful. It looks like a peaceful day on the farm. Made me wish I was there. :) Big hugs and scratches to all...

Thanks for sharing. Love, love, love the donkeys...they have such beautiful eyes. And don't get me started on that adorable calf! Does he have a name yet? Take care. Robin B.

A wonderful day on the farm and I see the sky is still there! Still snowing at home, fishing season opens Saturday, if the ice goes off.....Love, Dad

Wonderful video! The donkeys are my all time favorites. Need more donkey pictures!

You are so lucky to have all these animals and open land. It was so peaceful and I really enjoyed the video, especially that darling calf. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Anna :) I'm so jealous that you have all these critters and loads of space. The baby calf is SOOoo cute I just want to kiss his entire face :)
BTW, where is Betty !! !!

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