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Since 1895?! Amazing (and BAD)! It's not a good sign that you're having fires in April! Praying for rain for you.

Wow, Anna!! 125 miles sounds far, but in your pics, it looks too close. Saw a comment about air quality and thought the same thing. Hope that smoke blows on by and you two and all the livestock are alright.

I am at the computer in the basement. The entryway with 3 doors coming from the front, back and garage is at the top of the stairs and I can hear the wind screaming as it tries to push through the closed doors. It was carrying a west to east slant of snowflakes in a steady diagonal stream earlier this morning, but that has stopped and now there is just the wind! Unusually cool spring. Last year, farmers were on the land mid March, this year they would still sink to the rims!

I'll do some rain dancing over here in N.C. for you! That's pretty scary and makes for terrible air quality. Your photos remind me of the Oakland Hills fire in 1991. My huband and I lived in Berkeley at the time and that's how the sky looked that morning before we knew just how bad it all was! Will be thinking of you and hopefully sending some rain your way. We had quite a downpour here yesterday with some tornados mixed in. We were in our pantry for a bit. Our next door neighbor lost a big tree. Lucky for us that was it!

Wish I could share some of our wet and chilly spring weather with you. Vancouver, BC is having one of the coolest, dampest springs on record. The local skiiers love it, but my garden is soggy and the moss is winning over the grass!
Love your photos; I could almost smell the smoke when I looked at today's.

I know there is no way that these fires will get to Milford, and even if the did get close the would have to jump the "fire break" of the Texas version of the "Bermuda Triangle" (Freeways) Keep talking about the beautiful weather in the Willamette and she'll be home before we know it. Hey that's not a bad plan, keep it up!
nice and warm in Newport a toasty 55 and breezy time for a little trout fishin...Love, Dad

Wish I could share some rain with you. Seems that is all it does here. Praying that you stay safe.

Ok, so I don't read the national news. Didn't know about the wildfires. Glad you are okay!
We went shopping the other day. Have to drive half an hour through the country to get there. Saw one "controlled burn" so we went to take photos. Those morons didn't even have a spotter on the downwind side, much less a water tank! They were all upwind. Ppl who are going to get burn permits should need to take a fire safety course!

Hi Anna,
You take the best pics! I envy you too as I love the farm so much but we had to sell as we were getting a little too old to take good care of it and all the animals. I We had cows, steers, bull, chickens,ducks,geese,pigs, about everything imaginable. Life was good on the farm. I miss canning and my chickens and piglets.
I love your blogs they are so interesting Thank you very kindly for all your articles.

WOW! I've been wondering how close you were to the fires. That seems even too close!

Wow; I am SO sorry! We are having a record WET spring here in the Willamette Valley, so I'd be happy to share some if I could....

I thought of you last night when I saw the news and they were talking about how big the fires were getting. We are seeing the smoke even down here east of San Antonio, no smell though.. that is scary. Stay safe and keep those water hoses hooked up!

Scary Anna! I'll be wishing for some rain for you! I do wish I could send you some of our rain.

I remember smelling fires each year all of my life growing up in California. It's a scary smell because it means destruction. I hope you continue to remain safe from it. As for rain, I wish I could send you the ridiculous amounts we've gotten this year in the NorthEast. I'm done with it!

You know Anna - My Alan and I kept thinking of you and Your Alan all day yesterday as we watched the news reports on the fire and tremendous storms that passed through your area and in nearby OK. Glad to know you're okay. The rain and fierce wind has reached VA and my 150' tall trees in the back yard are waving at us as if they were noodles.

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