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Wonderful farm update! Your plants are growing great guns--it's much, MUCH warmer there than here I can tell. We've had such a nice, cool spring that I'm hoping it will be the perfect weather for strawberries! Down there, it looks like the perfect weather for peppers! Great looking HEN!

Wow, those raised beds will be so easy to work in! Love the chickens, too. Thank you for showing us the garden.

Your chicken "cottage" coop" would look SO cute decorated up with shutters & window boxes & painted up like a doll/playhouse...
I'd SO help you out if I lived a little closer... LOL !

Anna, you must have a lot of energy. Beautiful work in the garden. It will be fun to see the progress as time goes by. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photography.
Love the chicks!

Wow, she's so big already! It's amazing how quickly the chicks grow!!!
Your garden is fabulous. I can't wait to see all the produce you have! It's going to be awesome. I'm so happy for you and Alan, having all those wonderful veggies to harvest in a bit!
Have a great weekend! And thanks for the update! :D

My oh my! That garden is looking good! Like leslie, we can't plant until memorial day. Until then we just dream about all those yumalicious veggies. We can get some sugar snaps in early and at least get a bite of something fresh!

It's such a blessing to have friends and family to live my life for me. Now, when ppl say, "hey, where's your garden?", I can reply, "Oh, it's down in Texas at my friend Anna's." :)))))))

Wow, what a lot of work! You are going to have some great stuff to eat this summer. Wish I had just a portion of what you have. Our weather has not been very nice for any work outdoors. Soon though! Hugs.

Love it!
We would never even begin to plant our gardens up in MN until after memorial day. It's the rule of thumb. Can't tell you how many times heavy rain, hail, frost came back to haunt us.
So we sit. And wait. And plan. And wait.

Fun garden and chicken update! Looks like lots of work and eventually lots of produce :) Happy Gardening. Hugs...

So jealous I am, stuck here in a rental house with no garden. Or I tell myself that. Probably wouldn't have as nice a garden as you even if I owned acres!

What a wonderful garden you have! In just a couple months it'll be a jungle and produce lots of fabulous veg! Your chicken is growing so big! Gorgeous bird! How are the little ones?

Impressive. Dem dam roosters cant fly over dat 2 foot fence? Holly mackrel, lots of work there! Watch them onions in that hot texas sun, I predict they will be just as hot as my horse radish heartburn! Very impressive, the snow is about gone now but the morning temp was 26.....Brrrrrr Goosebumps like Everest....... Love, Dad

Congratulations...the garden is really coming along! Got to see some baby chicks, born only four hours before we arrived, down here in Costa Rica today when we went down the road to buy eggs!

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