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I'm a fan of "poking someone's eye out" too!! I had my experience with TurboTax in February. I called....and spoke to someone that I couldn't understand who just kept reading from a script...I don't recommend calling, it just makes you want to do more than poke both their eyes out! :)

Bless your heart...I'm so sorry. I hope it all worked out OK for you. You MUST get that refund! After all, it's YOUR money they have!

So sorry . . . . :( I laughed at your comment that you wanted to "poke TurboTax's eyes out" though! We take our information to H&R Block--saves a lot of grief, and I know they get credits for us that I wouldn't know about. Hope you finished yours Friday and that you get $$ back.

Hey, don't get me started on government expenses. I got my taxes filed but they are creeping ever closer to the old joke of how much did you earn? Send it in. Uncle dug down deep into my pockets this year. Then next month the state of Nebraska gets more money. Now to most licensing a car isn't a big deal but in Nebraska my 2004 Ranger pickup will cost at least $250.00 and I've heard the license fee went by $25.00 this year.

Keep smiling and have a great tax day.

What a bummer!
Sometimes it pays to let someone else do the work.
Ours were filed, the return has come and gone...most of it for Cricket's surgery.
Happy reentering the data! Big Hugs.

I am concerned about all the nice folks out there that have trouble with taxes and are working two jobs just to stay even. Then there are those that are without a job and have not been able to find one let alone one that pays as well as the one they may have lost due to something they could not help. So think positive, buy American made products if you can, even if they may cost extra, they provide wages and yes pay taxes too. Mom's doing OK, the cancer is in remission and this year we get a few bucks back....we think..Love, Dad....Oh, and PARTY ON DUDE!!!

And I bet you were most angry because in your head, you already had plans for the refund!

Don't worry you have all weekend LOL. As long as you mail it on Monday, that's when they're due this year.

I do feel your pain. I OWE this year! At least you have the comfort of knowing that you will be getting money back as soon as the form keeps the information as entered. I filed Feds yesterday and paid my tax debt. OUCH!!! I am procrastinating on the state --- I am getting a little bit back. Not near enough to cover what I paid the Feds but at least no more is coming out of my pocket! There goes those new shoes! Sigh!
Ya gotta love tax time!
Hugs, Manetta

I am in the "haven't done my taxes yet" club! But if you are getting money back there really is no deadline and no penalty!! I found this out a few years ago...but that's not really good news for procrastinators (you only get 3 years to file before you lose your refund). And for some weird reason - Fed taxes aren't due until 4/18 this year, but state taxes are still due 4/15. I will be doing mine tonight just in case I owe money...and I hope I don't have any problems like you did, Anna. Good luck!

Faster Anna. Faster! 13 hours to Jeopardy! (loved your little emoticon)

That sucks Anna! It is faster the second time around, though! Hope you get it done with as little stress as possible! Have a good weekend despite the paperwork!

By the way, that smiley is too funny!

Girl, I am queen of the last minute. Just took my taxes to my auntie last night for her to do them because she knows what she is doing! I hope all goes well. I will send you some pictures of the little chicks when the mommy hen decides to take them outside! She is being very territorial!

OUCH, what is it about those darn tax returns that make us all CRAZY. Almost EVERY year we wait too long then have to rush out and buy a new computer or printer as it broke down in the MIDDLE of making out returns. Hope all goes smoothly today. I hope you don't owe. I am going to have to take from savings to pay :( oh-well.. TGIF & Hugs...

I feel for you Jan. We live in Canada but our first couple of years were crazy after retirement. How can you owe when you make a quarter of what you did when you worked?
It has taken a lot of years, but now we are
on the receiving end of things for a change.

I haven't started mine-I will owe I am sure. Last year, hubby had his first full year on retirement. He started a small side business. After expenses, he made 900 bucks. We pay the SS on it, we pay the fed on it, we pay the state on it. A whole years work for 200 dollars. Everything was left in the business, so not even enough for a picnic. Hubby lost his job during the GM bankruptcy..he was forced on SS and we lost all the benefits we planned on and last year we OWED even tho we kept every deduction close, every donation interest on mortgage-all within a few dollars of previous years. How can the first time after retirement with no other pay, we owe? I am flummoxed. We never ever owed before. I think the government is giving me a message-die now or we screw you even more next year with the SS. yup. Happy Tax Day-I need a long sweaty run.

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