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I've never seen clouds like that. That's just plain scary looking! Glad your farm and you and Alan are safe. I wish for every American farmer I could bottle up a rain cloud during our rainy season down here and send it home.

Wow, very ominous looking storm! Glad you made it thru it...some other Southern states didn't fare as well :((

I hope you stay safe during these nasty storms!!! Do you have a tornado plan in place? I hope so! Make sure you are set to drop that camera and *RUN*!
Love, Me

Wow, those are some scary looking clouds!

I took photos much like these on a vaction 2 years ago. Visiting friends in Co. The clouds started to rotate over the front yard, then passed over the house and touched down several miles behind them. Scary stuff, but really awesome to watch!
Glad all are safe. Hugs...

that first photo is so frustrating, with the rain in sight, but out of reach.

i hate to tell you that all of eastern nebraska is wet. we drove from Northeast Nebraska to Southeast Nebraska today and it rained the whole way.

naturally, the farmers are complaining. i explained to the kids that no matter what is going on, farmers want the opposite. :)

if i can get my camcorder to load, i'll send you shots of the cute little calf we saw.

i'm with your dad. if you can build a chicken coop, you can build a tornado shelter!!!! oh, and an outhouse. but that's another story. :)

And you DONT have a basement or anything that remotely resembles a tornado shelter.Mom says no way, absolutely no way would she live there without one big enough for all her sewing machines and fabric! I wonder why there aren't homes in that country made of precast reinforced concrete, termite proof too. just a thought. Oh, happy 29th Birthday Alan! He,He Ha HO Ho.....Love, Dad

Your little Spring storm looks like quite a doozie. Scary stuff - excellent photos. Stay safe.


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