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Good stuff, I love it!!! I have little plans running through my head now... AND I have access to free pipe. Hehehehe

Who cares what it looks like...As long as it reduces your work and grows bigger tomatoes, that's what counts! It looks great to me!

Is it wrong that I don't think this looks redneck at all?!? I think it looks SMART! I bet your garden is going to be super happy and give you lots of rewards for your hard work. I can't wait to have fresh veggies!

Looks like an awesome system. Just don't forget to cap the tube or bugs etc might work their way down to the small holes blocking them. You also probably need to filter grass etc out of the duck pond water for the same reason.

Anna, the bayou gardener is too funny. It's all simple even though he said it was complicated. It keeps the water on the roots and would even work through mulch which would be even better. Your version of the system looks to be an improvement and will water more than one at a time. It must be that like minds run in the same circles as last year I started my watering system make from spare barrels, tanks, and garden hoses. I am making an attempt to automate mine to keep the garden watered when I'm gone up to 10 days at a time during the growing season. That has always been an issue in past years. I hope to be harvesting rain water by summer's end as well.

Have a great garden watering day.

Tomatoes, watering system and new calf, oh, my. All caught up now, but you didn't say whether you'd received any of the rain you needed. Today and rest of week look promising for rain in DFW area, but nasty winds and storms, too. Take care.

I can't believe how beautiful your 'Maters already look! Can't wait to see how your tube thing works out. We got a couple inches of snow yesterday so that dashed any hopes of at least getting some peas and lettuce in today. LOL!
Have a great Easter!

Lol This design may not make into Better Homes & Gardens, but you may grow some prize tomatoes!

Who care what it looks like!!!!!!!!!!! I think it's genious. I love picking ripe tomatoes right off the vine. My parents used to plant 100 tomato plants and share them all summer with their church. Mother canned all summer long and we ate garden food all year long. I have tried growing tomatoes, squash and cucumbers here in Florida but I have no success. You have to be a nutrient wizard to get the soil fed well enough to grow anything here.

I love your garden stories, Anna! Keep them coming.

Personally, I was very impressed by yours and Alan's PVC pipe work. I don't think it's Redneck at all. Your tomato plants look real good! Can't wait to see more pictures as the garden progresses!

I watched some of the Bayou gardeners videos
and they are quite interesting. I found one
that tickled my DH's fancy and he laughed at
it. The embarrassing garden, it was called.
We want to put in a garden too but with the weather the way it has been, we may have to look at building it but seeding for next year.
We'll see.

It looks like the perfect way to apply a little miracle grow as well! I had a friend once that raised worms, dont laugh yet, he used race horse manure from the track where he worked. He "fed" the worms by soaking the stuff in garbage cans for a day or so and then draining the mix through a screen to drain the water as not to drown the worms. then poured the "tea" in his garden and the mulch to the worm bed... It may work on tamaters, ya think? The tea through the pipe and the mulch on other stuff.....Love, Dad That guy had some pretty impressive wigglers too!

Hi Anna,
My hubby has pvc pipes into the ground by his pine trees, that way when he waters it goes deep. In Arizona they need that!

How's the new baby? Must be that time of year the Pioneer Woman had a calf born too, but YOU got the better pictures.


Too funny calling it redneck! You should see my hubby's garden in the summer. He uses old hockey sticks, ski poles, and golf clubs for his supports for the vegetables! It's quite funny looking!

Funny, as I was reading this I was thinking *yeahaw!* This looks like it should work out very well. (Smarty Pants) Will be watching for updates. Hoppy Easter. Hugs...

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