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Wow, Anna, you caught the little hummers in mid-flight! And you have several different types. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

FABULOUS PHOTOS! WOW, YOUR HUMMERS ARE PRECIOUS! I hope "mine" hurry and get up here. They are so fun to watch! :D

Awesome shots of the hummers, what kind of lens are you using????

I totally enjoyed your gorgeous Photos!!!

Have a great weekend,



What wonderful wonderful photos! TFS Anna!!!

Thanks for the great pictures. You must be right on their migration path or something to get so many. Or maybe they just know you guys are extra special! Must get my feeder out if it finally warms up for a few days. Hugs.

Oh Anna, what awesome photography! I truly enjoy and appreciate all of the photos you take and post. Thank you!

These photos are wonderful Anna! I spent an hour one day trying to get photos at my moms feeder- I had a kink in my neck for a week after! These are stunning!

Amazing photos Anna! I love the action you captured!

These photos are spectacular! Thanks for sharing!

These are just gorgeous, Anna! It is not quite time for the Hummers in PA, but I look forward to them every summer. I enjoy the Humming Bird Moth that comes to visit, also!

Amazing shots!

Your pictures are incredible! I finally had to get more feeders since one hummingbird was standing guard and kept chasing the others away!

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

You got some amazing shots, I just had to fill our feeders again last night, about a week and a half they last, we have three of them.
At night we must have 10 or so flying around.
They sure are fun to watch, and when Toby goes out they will fly down to him.

I LOVE hummers. Sure wish I had more luck getting them to visit. (It might have something to do with a very rambuncious dog!) SO I will visit them here and at my Sister's. Hugs....

Hi Anna...thank you for sharing your amazing humming bird pics - incredible !
However, find me a nest to photograph -- I've never-ever seen one in person, even tho we have a huge group of hummers that fly in each summer at the cottage. It's suppose to be about the size of a silver dollar -- what I wouldn't pay to see one :)

I think we will have to put out a feeder this year and see if we get any action. We have some pretty little birds fly in, but I have only seen one hummer so far. We use to have them fly in while we were watering the plants and one landed on the hose I was holding. Quite exciting to see and the first time I had seen one actually stop flying.

These are such wonderful photos!!!! Wow! Great photography.

I love seeing this photos, I need to get my feeder hung up at my apartment. We have had some cold and strange weather here in Utah so I am not sure when we will see Hummingbirds this year. I love watching them, I hope they don't mind pigeons my apt complex is infested with pigeons. As always thanks for sharing.

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