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What an adorable picture! I love it...so creative!
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have some of your precious Dexters...I just don't have anywhere to put them! Maybe someday, if we ever get back to my farm in Tennessee! But for now, I'll have to admire them from afar. :((

They're cute, swishy tails are awesome!

great shot! too funny, the light/dark....you take the best pics of your farm babies!!! love it....

I wanna tiny Texas Dexter Cow! Too bad I have no place to let it roam. :( Good luck finding homes for the darling babies.
Wow, the smoke has traveled that far. You really do need rain. We got plenty yesterday and some wet snow this morning. I would happily send some your way if it would just go... Hugs...

LOVE the photo! Wonder how they would take a trip to your #1 fan in Pennsylvania! :) I really wish we could share our rain. We just cannot escape the mud. The horses really need some drier weather... their pasture is a mess!

Cute cow-butts!! But I really love their sweet faces the best!! Wish I had a yard big enough!! xoxox

I'll buy them all Alan, "butt" you have to be coming with them...maybe Anna also. Love MOM

What a great butt shot! Can't believe you got 'em in staggered order by color--maybe getting some food had something to do with that :)

Haha! You should have a 'name this picture' contest!
The tail end
View from the Rear
Best butt contest
... etc.

Butt, butt, butt,butt,butt they're to cute to sell yet! wait til they get into trouble or eat some garden stuff, even the girls? Them's some cute little moo cows. Do they Moo with an Irish or Texas accent? Oh well, maybe they'll go to the same hobby farm,with short people and short ponies and weiner dogs to play with in the short grass of the texas plains.....Happy Saturday!....Love, Dad

Priceless picture! and good luck with the taxes, that would have driven me crazy.

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