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Am I too late? Love the new gardening set - and would love to win a stamp, too.

I love your cards AND your farm photos! Thanks for sharing!

Of course I'd love to be included! Your stamps are so cute! Sure hope you get rain!

Oh my goodness, those are so stinking cute!

Not very popular are you? WOW! it took a week to get to the comment box here. Good idea with the Deer fence, it's the guage of the wire that is best for this use as it is easy to roll up after the season and store for the next with out being so wimpy as to get stuck together or lose it's shape. It's not just to keep deer out. It should be perfect for a Day Care business! dipped in plastic......... or maybe electrified? just kidding.....Love, Dad

Wow, thank you so much for the chance to win! I love Whipper Snapper stamps and would love to go on a little shopping spree.

My son is being confirmed next weekend so we are busy getting the house spruced up, decluttered, cleaned up for that - love to entertain but hate the big cleaning push. And 4 kids would rather be doing something else than cleaning, esp. when the weather here is going to be 75+ outside today! Keep up the great posts on the website! Love hearing about all your farm posts! Judy

This weekend I'll be packing my bags and heading out on Monday to sunny San Diego for some blue skies and warm sunshine, a big change from the northwest. I love living on the farm everyday thru your great photos. Thanks for the chance to get a Whipper Snapper stamp!Fun!

While warm temps sound inviting here in upstate New York, I don't think I am ready for 90 degree weather. But 60 degrees for a few days in a row might be nice right about now! Yesterday was day one, shooting for two today! LOVE those sweet little smiling daisies, thanks so much for the chance to win :)!

I'm so sorry about your drought situation. :( That is not good at all. We've been having cool temps and lots of rain here, and I'm so thankful for it . . . makes for a much prettier spring with rain to green up the grass and help the flowers flourish.

LOVE your little farm girl! She's adorable! And, believe it or not, I still have many more stamps that I am hankering for at WS. The ones I own (and there are several!) are highly prized.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh I feel for you on the drought! Here we are finally breaking our years long one. After a drought you can't complain too much about the rain even when it is inconvenient or depressing. You always remember how it feels not to have any.
Sending you wet wishes, lol.

What am I doing this week-end? Working on Easter cards for my grandkids. Always enjoy reading your posts of the farm happenings. These new little chicks are adorable.

How thoughtful of you!!
Looking forward to gardening with you this summer and watching your farm come along.
I have hopes of collecting one of your "vintage" stamps on WhipperSnapper!

Anna, I absolutely LOVE those cheery flowers. They are too stinkin' cute! Makes me want to bring my stuff here to the motorcycle shop and stamp all day long. Your cards always inspire me and make me smile. And those cute little chicks you got the other day....Can't wait to watch them grow.

Love those cheery sunflowers Anna and that yellow bakers twine is the sweetest ever! Thanks for the chance to play along today; I had to work today but I'm hoping to put some new goodies to use this evening on a few happy cards of my own!
Kathy Camasso

Sure wish we could send you some the the precipitation( rain and snow) we have been getting. We have water laying everywhere and lots of mud. We live north of your Mom and Dad. Love your wee chicks such fun every spring with all your new babes.Thanks for the chance to win a Whipper Snapper stamp.

What is not fun and cute about WPS? Recently, introduced to this line I have fallen in love!

Hi Anna,
Two weeks ago, the river was flooding us; now it's windy & getting hot. We call this scenario: Weather Whiplash.
Or...Weather Whip perSnapper..lash!

Best luck on your garden, I love having one!

Love the sunflowers and thanks for the chance to win a stamp, fun, fun!
We are putting up tile back splash in the kitchen and then going to pick out a tuxedo rental for DS upcoming prom. Chickens are having some free range time and eating some of the sprouts I did this week. Will be looking forward to seeing the new stamps. Have a great weekend.

Oh, gosh...the new stamps are awesome!!! It amazes me how we can be in a flood situation (MN) and you are in a serious drought. Thanks for the smiles!!!

YAY! I LOVE your stamps on Whipper Snapper! PLEASE pick me! I have my fingers, toes, eyes, legs and anything else that can be crossed, crossed! LOL :D

I am puppy sitting! My mom is gone for the weekend, so I get to watch her 7 mo. old Maltese.... a ball of energy....

TFS! I love all of Whipper Snapper stamps. Yours are my favorite. We are in drought conditions here in OK too. It is 20 degree above normal with our temps too. We are having 90's and that is too hot for April. Good luck with the seeds.

Love those happy sunflowers. It's too early here in MN to get out in the garden. We still have a little snow left to get rid of. Today will be near 70, the first time this year, so it can't last too much longer! I'm enjoying your posts about gardening and HEAT!

Your smiley-face flowers card is so cute!Sorry to hear the seeds aren't a'sproutin. My Dad's haven't either (they live near Weatherford)--makes me wonder what's going on here in TX. This weekend am watching youngest play baseball and being a taxi for our oldest(a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do, ha ha!). If I'm lucky maybe I'll get to craft a little. Hope all the new little chickies are doing well :)

Your smiling sunflowers brightened my day. With all the rain we have had here in Oregon I fear for all my spring flowers.

Your stamps are all adorable! Love them!

We got up to the 90s here in Vegas in early April, so we planted our garden too... then it dropped back to lows in the 40s. Crazy weather. I hope the plants don't mind. I hope your seeds end up sprouting and didn't meet the fate of being gobbled up by a hungry rooster!

Are you sure you don't want to put up cyclone fencing instead? :))))) We never had deer problems when I was a kid. Really, never alot of pests since our dogs would chase them away.

My irises are almost six inches high and the surprise lillies are growing tall. That's about it.

have a great weekend!!!!!!

Thanks for your generous offer. It would be so much fun to shop. I'm coming to TX from IL lte next week and hope to find some warm weather, but not that warm yet. Looking forward to pictures of your garden this summer. Wishing you a wonderful bounty.

I love the Bunny Wannabe! Nice of you to offer a freebie! It's been a week since we've seen snow. I wish I could trade you some cool weather and a little rain for some of that heat. I'm just starting to think about what to plant and where to put it. Our planting doesn't start here in Central NY until the end of May.

Love the smiling sunflowers! Good luck w/your seedlings - mine are really slow this year. we've had flurries several time this week, but it is supposed to hit 60 today here in NE OH.

I plan on finishing my Easter cards! Have a great week-end on the farm! : )

Oh I just gotta have the smiling flowers! C'mon April 18!
This weekend I'm clearing out the vegetable beds. I have been inspired since you posted your garden setup. I've got seedlings growing in the garage just waiting for the weather to warm up to plant outside. Have a wonderful weekend.

like having a chance to win on of those cute stamps. those flowers on todays card are so sweet. thanks for the opportunity. love to hear of all the critter and gardening adventures. again thanks for all you do and say...

These flowers are adorable! Beautifull colored and I just LOVE this card! The twine and button are the perfect extra something!!!

I love your blog and love the whipper snappers just as much...i look forward to reading about your cards and what's going on around the farm. keep the info coming!

Happy Friday and weekend to you too! Love the card!

Love those sunflowers!!!

I plan to do a little yard and garden work-I usually don't schedule much for weekends-just see what comes along.

Loved the chickie pics yesterday-so cute!

Oh what fun! My weekend plans include some raking on the little bit of lawn that has finally popped out of the snow. Then I'm headed in to get my fingers all inked up and have some fun!

I'm working this weekend as usual. My husband and I manage an RV park so we work 7 days a week until November. Would love to win a new stamp! Your blog posts always put a smile on my face!

Plans for the weekend include going to Columbus to our Equine Affair for new show "items" needed for this year's shows. I will have to check out the stamps tomorrow.

Hi, Anna! Plans for the weekend? I hope to get a bit of garden cleanup done, but the weatherman is promising rain. Boo....hiss....oh well, instead I'll make some cards :)

I absolutely LOVE your blog and read it often. Thanks for sharing your farm life with us all. I really enjoy the animals, and ADORE all your awesome creations!! You are an inspiration!! Thank you Anna :)
(Ummmmm... yeah - I'd love to win a free stamp - WOO HOO!!!)

Oooh I'd love to be entered! I have a couple sets but none of the individual ones!

Happy Friday to you too! If we didnt have a chance of rain here in Phoenix this weekend we probably would be melting along with you. Which is good for me because that means "crafty time"! I can finally get caught up on some stuff, especially getting my craft room in order after moving a couple weeks ago. I have never used Whipper Snapper stamps but have had my eye on a few of them...thanks for the chance to win! :)

Oh oh oh what a fun idea! I'd love a chance to win.
I was planning on spending the weekend working in the yard but it's supposed to start raining tonight and continue all week (I'm in WA) If we don't get some sunny days soon the weeds will be knee-high.
Can hardly wait to see your garden - really enjoyed watching it grow last year.

A chance to win a Whipper Snapper stamp of my choice...OK, I am closing my eyes and visualizing myself as the WINNER!
This makes me very happy.

I would absolutely melt if I lived in Texas! Do your best to stay cool this weekend. And thanks for the chance to win :)

You know how much I LOVE your stamp images, count me in. :)
As for the plants not sprouting, give them a little more time and water. Poor things are probably struggling. Good Luck, wish we where getting a little less heat and rain this weekend. Looking for severe thunderstorms on Sunday. :( Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs...

Those sunflowers are so cute, I would love my own stamp! I'm in North East TX and totally understand about the lack of rain. Plus, what about the wind? Have a fun weekend!

how FUN! I would love to try Whipper Snapper stamps, the ones I have seen have been totally adorable!

I wish there was a way to send you some of our rainy days - in NY we're having a true "April showers bring ..." start to this month and I'd happily swap some of our rain for your sunshine! I love checking out your website for what's happening on the farm and to see what craftiness you've been up to. Thanks for a chance to win a Whipper Snapper prize!

Love those sunflowers!!!

I have to say that I am VERY jealous of your weather... I feel bad that you have a drought, but here in VA, we have a nice day followed by several ugly, rainy, cold days. I am so ready for summer!!!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Your little garden girl is adorable. Wish I could send you some of our moisture.

I would be happy to ship you some of our Oregon rain if I knew how. We have been drowning. Love those smiling sunflowers, they are so sweet and they are my daughter's favorite flower. I think it is a very generous giveaway. My son is moving out this weekend so we will be spending the weekend packing and unpacking.

You can come to PA and enjoy the chilly rain we're having... I think we stole all of your TX precipitation. =\

I like all of your stuff, but you do the best chickens. =) Choosing would be difficult. But I'd manage it. ;) Thanks for the chance!

Oh how I wish we were starting gardens! Wish we could send you some rain too... we've had 9" of rain since March!

So sorry to hear that your seeds haven't taken! Hopefully, ya'll will get some rain soon. Love the two sneaky peekies ::grin:: I LOVE sunflowers...all time favorite flower! Dying to see the rest of the card! Be careful in the heat this weekend and I'll be holding down the campground with 60 guests this weekend!

I can't wait to see your new set. I love seeing pictures of your farm animals!


Oh I just returned from a great quilt show, so my head is spinning with ideas. I hope to spend some time sewing this weekend.

Love your stamps -- particularly the chickens!

Motorcycle ride! Woot Woot! I'm in Colorado and while we are still seeing some flurries from time to time, this weekend is promising to be lovely, so my husband and I are taking the motorcycles (yep, I ride my own!) out of the garage and tooling around the mountains some. It's GORGEOUS here! I hope you get some rain and relief from the heat. I am so envious of the gardening you get to do!

love those happy little sunflowers, they make me smile :)

Oh sounds like fun to me too! Oh my goodness those little flowers are so cute!
Sorry about your heat. I'd like to trade up from the rain and low 60's to at least the mid-70's.

Also loved your new little bunch of chicks you posted earlier this week. So sweet.

I've really enjoyed watching your garden take shape. I'd love to win a stamp--can never have too many stamps.

Good luck with your garden.

Oh what fun! Count me in!

Happy Happy Weekend, Anna! We're going to celebrate my adorable great-niece's first BD this weekend.
Isn't all this weather crazy!... I call it 'washing machine' weather... keeps going back and forth, changing direction/weather, like a washing machine's agitator.
Thank you for sharing so much of what you do! I love your cards, your colored images, farm pics. And I would love the chance to select a stamp, too.
-Mary B. in Milpitas, CA

Hi! Sorry about your dreadful heat - we are seeing crazy snow/hail flurries w/chilly temps today. Love your sweet smiley card & that little girl w/the pot is adorable. Thanks for a chance to win one of your fantastic stamps. Happy Weekend!

I posted a picture of my two boys at the base of the tree you tried to mow down with your shins on facebook. Good memories up here.

Happy Friday to you too, Anna! I can't wait for my weekend to officially start. Can't wait to see the new release. I love your images! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

Fun indeed! I love a chance to win. This weekend will be filled with one commitment after another. Not much time for fun or rest. Once I get past Easter, though, I should be able to find more time for crafting and I will return to "my happy place." He-he!

Good luck with the seeds/plants! Can't wait to see what you whip up with them this year!

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