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Happy Belated Birthday, Alan. I hope it was special!

Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed it. I hope Anna didn't make you hunt for your cake in the yard. :)))))

Happy belated birthday, Alan!!!
I hope you had a wonderful day. I am sure the Bunny brought extra chocolate for you -- maybe in the form of a birthday cake??

Happy Birthday Alan!

Happy Birthday to Alan! I guess that new little guy was his early b-day present.

Happy birthday, Alan!!

Oh, I just remembered, Happy birthday Alan! 32 is such a nice age to be, dont you think! Wow, look at the pretty clouds!!!

I'm sorry that because of world calamities, tornados, and earthquakes, wars and just the business of the day has gotten to be such a distraction of late and I have just blown off this very special day. Who could have imagined that an old fart like me would have forgot......what I was....I wonder where my other slipper is.....Oh, look at the pretty clouds! Is it Monday?...Love, Dad...Dad?.....go fishin..Yaa!

Happy Birthday to the bestes in the westest, animal raiser, goat fancier, flower and vegetable bed maker, gift giver to his wife, (new chicks). Hope you have a great day..

Happy Birthday Allen! Enjoy your day!

Yay, Alan! You certainly don't look 41. I'd guess you more like 31. Hope you had a great birthday. Anna, that cat is too cute! Love the twirly on top his party hat!

Yay for Alan! My husband Jason's birthday is tomorrow April 25th (except he's a little behind at 38!) Hope you had a great birthday and that the Easter bunny left you some extra chocolate!

Happy Birthday, Alan!
Happy Easter,
Happy Spring,
Happy Happy Everything!

Happy Birthday, Alan.

Happy Birthday Alan, hope you had a wonderful day!

Oh! and I love that birthday cat. I particularly like his smile.

...and a very happy birthday to Your Alan from My Alan and the family. I had a creme brulee in your honor (without even knowing it was your birthday). Maybe I'll have another now that I know it's your birthday.

Alan have a Happy, Hoppy Birthday. What fun to celebrate on Easter. :) Dee and I have something in common. I promise NOT to sing so as not to hurt your ears. Hugs all around....

Happy Birthday to you! I would sing it for you but my singing generally sends everyone running for cover! LOL! Enjoy the day!

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