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Just checking in on your blog... love that you are able to plant things already. Here in WI we're still experiencing SNOW! I know... I know... sad but true! Hey, also saw the giveaway and thought it looked like a neat little magazine! Love your blog, Anna, one of the first ones I check - always!

Congrats on being published AGAIN!! Looks like a useful magazine :)

Congrats on getting your photo published! That's so awesome! Would love the chance to win a copy of grit! Looks like an awesome magazine!

I would love to win this for my mom. I remember when my grandparents subscribed to this, it seemed more like a newspaper back in the day. My grandma would pass it on to my parents, who farmed the family ground. The farm is still in the family but my mom has to rent it out as she had no sons, and the dd's never married farmers. She loves to look at your photos on my computer.

Oh boy, Anna...more of your awesome photos for all to see! Most cool!

Congratulations! I love your blog and would love to see what you have published.

Well, since your dad has a copy on the way, I'd be thrilled to see what you got published! :) Woo hoo!

I was just browzing through the May/June 2011 issue of Hobby Farms a girlfriend shared with me. During lunch I was reading the article on Dexter cattle by Sue Weaver. Made me think of you and your sweetie! Would you like a copy of it? Really enjoy your blog; thanks for sharing

Congrats on the publication!!!! And, please don't unplug dear old dad when he runs out of cash! :-)
I would love to win a copy but if it doesn't happen, I will have to track down the magazine to see the photo and that article on zucchini!!!!!! I wonder if Barnes and Noble sells it? Uhmmmm.
Have a super day, Manetta

Congratulations Anna!!! I always enjoy your dad's comments!

Wow, that's cool. Congrats on getting your photo published. Seeing the Grit sure brings back memories. I remember reading it as a kid! It would be so much fun to win a copy!!! Thanks for the chance!

Congrats on getting your picture published in GRIT. I would love a chance to win this copy....Thanks!

I've ever seen the magazine, so it would be fun to have my first with an "Anna" pic in it!!!!

Anna, Congratulations on your newest publication! I was going to start up a collection to have all your fans send your Dad a copy, but I see you already have that covered! Might I suggest that you turn over your blog to him next time you need a few days off. He's a stitch and everyone always loves his input. I dunno know, though, you might want to think that one through really carefully!!! :)

Is it here yet.....Is it here yet....Is it here yet.......Is it here yet? Love, Dad

Your dad is a riot! Haven't checked the new issue out yet, so I'll wait and see if I might win it with a little luck!

I didn't even know this magazine still existed. I loved it! Thanks for the chance to win. If I don't, I've gotta go looking for it online I guess! Have a great day.

How exciting to be published! And how nice of you to share!! I would love to check out this magazine.

I used to love Grit-haven't seen it in a long time-would love a copy to check out. Thanks for the chance to win.

I'd love to check out this issue of GRIT! Thanks for sharing!

isn't that just like a Dad, just jumps right in without giving you a chance. Really brings back memories. Would love to have a copy of this publication. Gonna have to check it out to see where it can be purchased. Thanks fo the giggles.

I remember my dad getting Grit magazine when I was a girl. I didn't know it was still in production! I'd LOVE to have a copy with a picture you took in it.

How cool to be published! Congrats! I would really enjoy reading that magazine! Thanks for the chance!

Maybe your Dad will be the lucky winner??? Sounds like maybe he SHOULD be??!! Congrats on your publication in the magazine, Anna.

Congrats! I would love to have that extra copy of GRIT. We used to get GRIT when I was a kid and I haven't seen it in a very long time.

Congratulations Anna, I would LOVE to take the extra copy off your hands! BTW your dad is a riot! LMBO


I'm sure I could never be the farmer/gardener you are, Anna, but I would sure love a look at this publication. I've never seen it! Good luck to Jeanne in Idaho!! Where it's still snowing every day (along with intermittent sun - crazy!!) xo

I love this magazine. Years ago my son sold them for extra money. He was about 10 yr. old and quite a large route. Congrats on the publication of your photo. TFS the extra copy.

I'd love it just to get the zucchini uses and of course your photo!

I'd love a chance to see this mag - not heard of it before. Do you happen to have a link for subscribing??

Lets get down and gritty! Thanks for the chance!

That should be CONGRATS! Silly auto correct.....

How fun. Contests!!!

Congrats!! How great to be published!

Sooooooo cool!!! You are just amazing!

I thought spare copies were for our moms, lol. That is what I always did with them.

Dad, you are too stink in' funny! What a wonderful relationship you have with your daughter! You all are lucky to have each other. And congrats, Anna on getting published. By th way, LOVE the pic of the babies up for sale. I told by dhmthat I wanted one! LOL. Have a great week,

I wanna win! If I win, I'll remember to put your thank-you card in the mail. ;)

Looks like that Zucchini & Farmers Market article would be a good read. Congrats on your photo!

I've never seen that publication; would love to win one! (And congrats on the published photo!)

Your Dad is hilarious!!! What a joy he is...
WAY TO GO, Anna! It's not surprising at all that you are in there, considering your talents! That is wonderful!
I would love to win~~I have never seen one of those magazines! But it looks interesting!
Have a great week. Wish I could send you some rain :/

Congratulations on getting published!!! that's AWESOME! (but not at all suprising! :)

YEAH !!! I can't wait for my copy to come in the mail :) So if my number gets drawn, throw it back and draw again! Hugs...

Congrats Anna!!!

Dear Dad;
Your copy is already in the mail, you ol' fart!

Hugs & Kisses,
Your Dear Daughter


Thanks a lot! Ya cant even give a spare one to your ole man that doesnt have a source for them at this backwards part of the world? I know who will unplug me when I get old and run out of cash.......Love, Dad

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