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They are all soooo cute .... but you already know what I'm going to say, don't you? Yeah for Betty squishing her face in the photo :)))

But i thinking you wouldn't have it any other way with those goats!!!! ::grin::

Oh, your Dexter babies are TOO, TOO CUTE!!! I have a soft spot for calves, I could just Love 'em up all day long! Yours are just beautiful, and I'm so happy they are all healthy and growing GREAT!
The goats are hilarious, I can just see them eating your clothes right off you, hunting for those "critter cookies"! I never raised goats, but I know they have quite a lot of personality!!! C. and BBB. are adorable. Hugs all around! :D

I'm going along looking at your cute babies, when all of a sudden there's a picture of a GOAT--no, TWO GOATS. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

I look forward to your posts every day. How do you come up with those adorable names? I had a hard time naming 1 cat! lol


Anna, just one big happy family, huh. They sure look contented and peaceful. It must be the good care they get all the time. The day looks quite nice with the sunshine. We here are having some great weather too. It appears that Spring has finally arrived. I just had to go to the local nursery and buy something so I came home with a bright yellow begonia and a six pack of yellow pansies. I don't know if they will make to a pot or not but I just couldn't pass up the spring colorful flowers yesterday. My crocus are finally in full bloom with the tulips and daffodils standing about 10 inches high with buds showing. It won't be long before they will be displaying their colorful array of blooms. Oh how I love spring.

Have a great spring day.

How sweet. Boy have they grown. We have a dog that is as hard as the goats for getting a good photo. Won't stand still or right in the camera. LOL. Hugs...

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