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Wow...WOW! That must be amazing to watch. Kinda icky, but so sweet and amazing too :)

Those are some amazing pics. Thanks for sharing since I don't think I will ever be around the real thing!

Wow, first time I've seen anything like this. Thanks for sharing. Sure glad I'm not a cow, that looks painful given the size!

What a cutie patootie! The pictures are great!! Farm life is the best!!!

must...have...calf...! He is soooooooooo cute. Your bull calves always turn out super adorable. Since his Mom's name is Darcy, I think you should name him Austen.

Congrats on the new baby boy! You seem to get an overdose of bulls. LOL They are all so cute. What's his name? Do I get the feeling that there may be a naming contest coming soon? :D

Your dad is such a kick - I really enjoy his comments! Thank you so much for these wonderful pics - bless momma's big ol' heart for letting you take pics and be so close. Welcome to the farm little one!!!

Hummmm, Ahh....OK here it is Mom says "TMI" I'll leaver at that. The question about the hooves is interesting, with no dirt or mud or even manure in a cows womb not to mention sunlight the hooves will magicly transform in a day or two of exposure....lets hope or he has a magnum case of jaudice.
My question is this, did this heffer invite "gramma Anna" to sit in on the big event? This is not a common thing with Angus cattle, most get very agitated with "tourists" unless they are somewhat overcome with the whole thing, as I would be as a first timer. "pulling" calves can be risky business with a small heffer and can lead to a prolapsed cow, Bummer. If she had a good delivery and allowed you to "hang out" while this was going on....Dont ever sell that cow! Gentle angus cows in labor are more rare than hens teeth! If the little bugger popped right out you better name him "Slick" ......Love, Dad

Amazes me everytime I see a newborn 'anything' that something so perfect comes from a microscopic cell at the start. Great pics ...thanks for sharing them with us.

He is a cutie! What a good mama he has! Can't wait to show Larry the pics...hopefully it won't gross him out, since I think they're wonderful!

Great pics. I'm not usually one to look at that kind of stuff, so I looked through my fingers at first ;) heehee. But it wasnt so bad, and he's adorable!!!

Congrats!!! We had a baby donkey here this week! There is nothing better than watching a little one come into the world and then bonding with them! After a few boys ourselves, we had a little girl this time! Love having babies on the property!
Have a great Easter weekend!

I just love all your pictures on the farm! Great pics of the little fella coming into the world. Thanks for sharing them with us!

So amazing! One of my most amazing moments was helping deliver a percheron foal. I miss being on a farm. I showed the pictures to my son, so he could understand and see, so neat.

Welcome little one! How wonderful to be able to whitness and snaps some great photos! Enjoy!



...and then I was curious. Ewwwww. BUT they were fantastic pics! lol

These are fabulous photos....and I also wondered why his hooves are so yellow. Thank you for sharing such great photos. Happy Easter to you and Alan and all the critters!

Feeling a little "green"....naw, just kiddin'. GREAT photo's and here's a question for you...why are his hooves yellow? Will they change to a different color?

Thanks for sharing the birth of this little calf, congrats :)

That was just amazing to see!

OMG, AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing these!

First you got me hooked on gardening, and now I want to raise cattle! LOL. Have a good weekend. Happy Easter. Robin

Ohh Anna ... thank you for sharing these priceless photos :) What a breath-taking birth and those big eyes ... I think I`m in L♥VE :)

Great shots Anna. Cute little guy!

Another Boy! But he sure is sweet. Great birth pictorial. ;) Not for the squimish, huh. :) Hey wait a minute. I think I remember giving name suggestions when Darcy came into this world. How old is she? Hugs...
p.s. I just answered that by looking back to Nov. 2009!

Perfect place at the perfect time to welcome the new cutie!

Awesome pics!!! How wonderful of you to be there at the exact right moment!!!

WOW, your photos are amazing !!!!! What a cute little bull calf :-) Congratulations !!

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