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yuk! Hope he hasn't gotten into anything!

Bad dog. . . bad, bad, bad dog. Go home!

OMGOSH, THAT IS SCARY! Poor chickens! Thank goodness you have a safe place for them! That is a BIG, TX-sized coyote!!! :p

I have a funny to tell on myself -- first, admitted and happy city girl here, but I'm not a complete city mouse. We live outside DC near a bird sanctuary and wildlife preserve kind of a place so we get mostly deer and interesting birds, the occasional raccoon (some day I'll tell you about the one that came in the house and high tailed it down stairs when DH put on his teacher voice and told it to - but I digress). So anyway, we also have squirrels and rabbits and a fox that obviously eats elsewhere. We've had a rabid fox in the road and one so completely covered in mange I wished I had a gun for the first time in my life so I could put it out of its misery. Then, we have a beautiful fox, perfect coat, happy! Then we have another, kinda bigger, walks through the yard without much fuss when genius here reads in the paper that coyotes have been spotted in Fairfax County. Yup, clever kid here sat on the deck while the coyote just kept walking! And it's a ground level deck!

wow...I've never seen a coyote before except on T.V. He looks really big! I can't write what I really think of him, it's a family blog ::grin:: but it would read something like this, "get the &*#$ away from that coop, you (*^&%$#@*....bwahahahaha!

He sure is a big one!

Set up a TV out by the pen with a good back stop and play some Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, wait for the bugger to start rolling on the ground laughing and give it a dose of lead poisoning. I'd mention the actual best method but I dont want anyone to acuse me of being "insensative" Coyotes are not on the endangered species list. Most stockmen are infinitely more practical about it than those that live in cities, out of naccessity....... Love, Dad

OMGosh! He looks like a big one. Bet your chickens are nervous at night.


I get smaller coyotes here in WV sniffing around my chicken coops. I get lots of foxes and raccoons too. I guess they think my chickens are the local KFC. I worry about my girls all night, every night, but don't know what more I can do to protect them except bring them into my house and that won't work!

Texas has BIGGER coyotes than in Illinois!!! AmD he looks well fed, too... maybe its the lighting.

Well, you SURE DO know what is visiting your coop during the night! I bet your chickens are thankful that you built their coop as well as you did. We had coyote around here that actually killed two horses. I guess for their size and if they run and hunt in packs, they are a species to be reckoned with.

Bad coyote....no, NO!!!

BTW - how are the fires?? xo

First the naughty 'coon, now the Wiley Coyote. Be safe, Ladies and Gents!

can you say trap? gun?
hope he stays away.


He or she looks like a well fed critter. The ones we have around here are skinny little guys. They prowl through the sub-division at night. When we lived in our townhouse, two came walking out of the garden at me. We both did the chicken dance,and then turned on our heels and ran
in opposite directions.I don't know who was more frightened by the encounter.

There are lots of coyotes around. We hear them when we are out at the lot. DH and son hunt them, without luck. I guess they are a problem for livestock but I really dislike their hunting them. :(

Holy Cow! Would you just look at him? Well, it could be a she. Congratulations on having built a house of bricks - it surely seems to have dissuaded that "Big Bad Wolf's" evil intentions.

Great shot.. we have a horrible problem with Coyotes here. But they stay on the outside edge of the property due to all the donkeys... and that is why I love my donkeys :0) Good luck on getting rid of him! Need a another donkey? LOL

That's really cool that you got a picture! However uninvited guests to tend to cause havoc! Must get noisy out there! Our guests tend to be big,messy bears.

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