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Oh, how wonderful...Alan surely knows the way to your heart!!! :D Way to go, Alan!!!
I'm so happy you have new little ones. Hugs to all of them!

Ohhh that WHITE one! And those chickies asleep on their feet just MIGHT be my fave chicken portaits yet (though Tiny Tim in a sweater might be a close second!)

Absolutely adorable!!!!!

Oh I wish I would find a little black chickie who is too tired to stand up in my next package!! How sweet.

Truly adorable!!!

Very cute... have to ask you... how do you keep your free range roosters and chickens off the porch!? :)

They are all so cute! How can you NOT smile looking at photos like these? I love the one where he's face down. Thanks for ending my work week with a smile on my face!

It cracks me up how they seem to just fall over asleep. Too cute!

love all your chicken pictures...especially the chicks.
thanks for sharing your gift!

ps. i love all your pictures not just the chickens

This series of shots reminds me of the little black eyed chick a month or so back, did you ever find out what species it was and see about getting more? I'll raise a buch up here if you can get the answer for me..... A silky banty cross? I've got an empty chicken house need answers....Love, Dad

How precious! Alan knows the way straight to your heart with those balls of fluff. :)

I have 8 little cochin bantam chicks -- mine were gifts from 2 mother hens. I love their hairy feet. Wish I could keep them little. Enjoy!

You should hear me! Oh how adorable those sweeties are! Love those falling asleep!

hahaha they are so cute. It's so exhausting being that adorable. You lucky girl. Thanks for sharing your awesome package.

Oh Alan! You did GOOD!!! They are sooooo sweet!

Oh Anna, I just loved the cute pictures of your adorable new baby chicks. I cracked up laughing out loud when I saw the "sleeper"; too funny! Thanks for making me laugh out loud AND smile today. Love your blog!

Oh, MAN, Anna! They are so adorable! What happened to the little brown guy on his nose? Fall asleep? My dog does that sometimes, when she's watching her ball...that Alan is a keeper!! xo (BTW - N. Idaho had 3 inches of snow this morning, then by noon the sun was out!)

Alan SO knows the way to your heart! TOO CUTE!!

LOL! I love the nap attack!
You have a very nice husband!

They are so stinkin CUTE! The sleepy ones just crack me up. Y'all may need another chicken house soon :)

Alan is a keeper :) Love the pics of the chicks. Especially the sleepy little ones.
Do any look like Dee when she was a wee chicklet? Hugs....

Awwww bless! They're absolutely gorgeous!

Too cute - great pictures!

Awwwwww, Cute!

I see I'm not the only one who was reminded of a little penguin by the fourth one down :D, he (she, I hope) looks darling!! I like those little gingery ones too.

The little black and white one looks like a little baby penguin. All dressed in his tuxedo. Is he alright? Do they sleep like that normally? I don't know anything about chicks but he looks so cute.

OMG! How adorable are they? I simply LOVE the one with his beak on the table . . . hilarious!

Please give each one a hug from me.

Sandra x

Awww...they are adorable!! I want to scoop them up & give each one a hug! How sweet of Alan!!

The pic of the third chick really belongs on your 2012 calendar! Although the one of the chick completely asleep is pretty darn adorable. :)

How awesome that Alan is!

What lovely little bundles of fluff!

OMG!! The sleepy ones are adorable ..sweet lil things!

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