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Little Annika is adorable! I love it that you added the bluebonnets to the grass! And she's colored perfectly with her brown coat and red kerchief and tulip. :)

Ugh. It's just wrong to have 93 degree temps in March. :( Hoping you get some rain for a pretty and cooler spring.

Hey, Dave, I live in Nebraska, too!

The wood deal is most excellent since you don't have to buy pressure-treated lumber full of arsenic.
Now, I have a real question. How do the bluebonnets survive such brutally hot weather? Up here, we have hardy flowers such as irises and violets, and clover. They can handle the cool weather. But how does a flower start out handling such brutal heat? I can't get my mind around it.

Scorcher??? I WOULD DIE for a Scorcy day... I'm sitting in my office in my winter coat freezing to death as I think someone decided to turn the heat off.........BRRRRRR!!!

Anna, we here in Nebraska are in transition. One day it's 70 warm and nice and the next we have 28 with four inches of wet sloppy snow. It's just how March in Nebraska is. Then comes April with thunder storms and the threat of tornadoes. Spring is such a volatile time of the year. I'm not sure I would want 93 this early in the year.

Have a great Texas day.

Love your image!

Wow! 93 degrees! We could have used a bit of that warmth here in NC! We just barely made it to 40! It's been cloudy, rainy and cold here since Friday and it's starting to get me a little down!

The dogwoods and azailias are starting to bloom here! They are incredible! You have to be careful not to crash the car while gazing at them! And would you believe that wisteria grows like weeds here...also in bloom, crawling up the trees!

This is so dang cute! I love all your cards but this one is extra cute. Glad you got such a good bargain on the lumber. My favorite flower is the Texas bluebonnets. We usually go to Houston just when they are blooming and see them from Dallas to Houston. Beautiful coloring Anna. There is no one who colors like you.

I wish I could have shared our cold snowy weather with you. I think if we joined our temps together, we would both be happy. Ü

I love your sketch. Have you ever thought of selling digital images?

Love the card and especially the blue bonnets. I always LOVE the pictures you post this time of year; you might even be out in a field now clicking away. That's an outrageous bargain!! Couldn't you still treat the wood by maybe spraying it so it might last you guys longer...I don't know! Looking forward to pictures of the raised beds in the future as well :)

I like aged lumber much better. Hubby likes green treated, says it will last longer. But you can't beat $2 each. :) Anika is so sweet standing in the Blue Bonnet patch. Time to take the camera for a walk?

Don't you just love a good bargain? Sounds like you and your Alan hit the jackpot with the lumber find. Loved the blue bonnets addition to little Annika. We woke up to snow this morning after enjoying temps in the mid 70's last week.

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