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Yup, you got my car trailer, a guy with a bald head, some of my best fly tying material, even lots more talent, but where in the world did you get all the motivation??? It's still snowing and raining....ya right, it's the northwest it rains 9 months a year here...it does? But you an forget about fire danger this year.....Love, Dad

Things are coming along great! You're inspiring me to start something I'll never be able to keep up with! :) What does your chicken coop look like inside? (the lay-out) we're upgrading our current chicken situation this spring, and you are the princes of poultry! (actually you're the queen, but it didn't flow as well!) ;)

I like your pestiferous poultry . . . they're very busy "helping." It's fun to see/hear about your plans for the garden and flower beds this season. You and Alan are so ambitious, you put the rest of us to shame.

Looking like Spring on the Lauhoff Farm! Those roosters are too funny, well, except when they're agravating the ladies, of course:) Looking forward to seeing your garden, Anna. tfs

I can't get over how green your grass is already. Spring in Texas comes so early and you are so lucky ... but maybe not so much when it comes to the Texas spiders and creepy critters you have down there!

I visit your blog every day and always enjoy the pictures of the farm! Always so busy and productive. Can't wait to see plants coming up out of the soil!

Lookin' good! Our garden is still under feet of snow. Can't wait to see the snow melt!

It's looking well on it's way, Anna! A lot of hard work has already gone into it!!!

Wow, I'm tired just reading about all y'all have been up to! Am so ready to plant some flowers. Been seeing bluebonnets every now and then here around Arlington---yay!

Anna, looks like you are well on your way to having a great garden this year. As I gaze out the kitchen window all I see is more falling snow. It's supposed to snow all night. More March snow. Yea!!

Have a great spring day.

Silly Roosters. Poor Ladies with all that attention :) Your new garden is going to be amazing. Anxious for yard working weather to come here. Hugs...

I love the bald head cap.....my hubby wears one too!! He calls it his skull cap!! The planters look great! Wish I had a spot for a garden!!

Wow, have you been busy. I've just been dreaming of what to do in the garden this year. Our weather has not been very cooperative, but hopefully by the end of the week we will warm up. What a great deal you got on the lumber. And, hey, it must be great to have all that free fertilizer! Love that Annika - so cute. Happy Monday!

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