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It's so nice of your Dad to care about you...hmmmmmmmmm. I can't believe it has taken so LONG to get you in and get this done! sheesh!
Wishing you a speedy recovery with lots of pain meds.

Yikes! And I thought my trip to the DMV, post office and to drop off stuff at the thrift store yesterday was blahhh. You've got me beat ten fold! Hope everything goes smoothly!

Ouch! By now I hope all is well and you are well on the road to recovery and that everyone survived the ordeal with their sanity in tack.

AAAGH!! I hope everything goes well for you

I feel for you. My hubby is going through that process right now. He just got the new longer implant post and will get the temporary crown in about 3 weeks. Hang in there!

Dear Anna--You'll come through okay, it's Alan I'm worried about. I know--I'll send you Dad--he can take care of all of you big and little. Cuddle up with a few chicks and dogs and sleep for a week. Love, MOM

Chin up little soldier!!!! I am confident that you will do great and you have Alan to lean on and take care of you! I am sure that Mr. Farley and Sweet Miss Daisy will provide huge amounts of love and support!
Wishing you a SPEEDY recovery!!
Hugs, Manetta

Hope all goes well. Big Hugs.

Youchy, I am well aware of how Alan will be tested in the near future. I too have felt the ever increasing anxiety levels after being instructed by the dentist that "you gotta get her outa here now!" I have another patient, (read victim) waiting for this chair. Looking down at my poor, motionless, daughter I knew this was a case for drastic measures! I called the college dorm and begged for 3 or 4 husky guys to help me in my time of need. That was years ago while Anna was in school, every time I walk into a Dentists' office I have to cringe and then giggle a bit at the thought of those young men helping me move her up the stair tower (no elvator!!) in the Dorm. Wisdom teeth are a tuff job when it's all of them!
I'm praying for you Alan, we're all in this together!..... Love, Dad...

Oh, that's terribly cute and sad. Love the little emoticon. Hope you don't look as bad as he does, and hope the road isn't windy between the surgeon's office and home.

Aw man - huge hugs to you girlie. I sure hope it isn't a myth and that you do get to eat all the ice cream you want!! And percocet. Definitely. xoxoxo

I can totally empathize!!! I had a tooth pulled and an implant put in last year. I had the abutment placed last week and I get the final crown in a month. Sending you lots of hugs and thoughts.

I also spent some time in the dentist chair today. Nothing as major as your's though! It's never fun no matter what you are there for!! Hoping you are resting comfortably and will have SPEEDY recovery! Here's to a day of droopy, numb lips!! :)

Oh no! I hope by now you're flying high on pain killers and that you are experiencing a comfortable recovery. I guess I won't be bringing by any Rollos for you!

Anna by the time you read this it will be over and I know you will have made it through fine! I just had my second one, and it really is the best alternative to not have lost the tooth in the first place! Follow directions for care and a speedy recovery to you!

Yuck! My sister has done this -- wasn't as bad as she expected, I hope it's the same for you!

Anna, I'm keeping you in my prayers - so sorry for your dental issues! Not fun at all.

Bummer!! I've had to have stuff done and is no fun, but the good news is it'll be over with and you won't be dreading it anymore. Sending quick recovery thoughts your way!

Ouch! Hugs & good thoughts to you.

hang in there Anna! I'll be thinking about you today...please..no pics...hahaha...JK..

Hang in there. You will come through this just fine. Understanably nervous. Big Hugs....

Hope you feel better soon! And I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Your's is the only one that I check in on daily. Such a nice mix of craftiness and farm critters! Thanks!! It's somehow always very relaxing for me.

YIKES! Feel better really soon.

Ouchie. Hugs for you.

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