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I posted on FB the other day that in NE we don't dress in layers. We dress in shock absorbers to absorb the shock of the constant, daily, weather changes. :) Last night, we were watching LIttle Shop of Horrors and lightning flashed just as the opening song ended, which was perfect. :) by the time the movie was over, it was snowing!
I think your dad has a grand idea! I'd love to switch with someone who has a clean house and they don't need to leave my house as the disaster zone it is. they may clean to their heart's content. but i don't want to go where it's warm. in the summer, i want to go NORTH! :)
Love love love the Callipea pics. How old are those calves? they must be yearlings, but it still looks like fake photography to see them next to the goats and not any bigger. :)

That is just wrong! On the way to Mom and Dad's house on Monday (traveling south on I-84 in Oregon), we ran into a sloppy snowstorm! Can you believe it? I had heard that TX was really dry right now . . . not good. Hope it cools down and you get rain soon.

You have my sympathy!! I thought it was bad in NC! I had to turn n the air it was so stuffy in the house. Today is much more temperate and it's supposed to stay that way. Woo hoo!

Hey Anna ... the World`s weather is going crazy! We woke up to a snow storm yesterday that dumped approx. 15cm of snow & ice. Granted, snow is still around in this area of Canada (Ontario) `til about the first week of April, but we shouldn`t be still having storms like yesterday.
But don`t blink, `causes within weeks it will likely be muggy, humid and so hot that people will be longing for air conditioning, not the heater ! LOL ! There is no medium it seems, just EXTREMES !
Stay cool =D

It seems that there is crazy weather everywhere. I wouldn't mind a little warmer, but not 89! Hang in there - looks like next week will cool down & bring some much needed rain. Hugs.

Lots of rain here lately but I don't want the heat either so guess I'll stick with the rain. Stay cool! - Oh and I love your dad's entry. However I'm a "city" gal so swapping places with you wouldn't work so well.

Ok , so how much would you like, lol. We've had snow , sleet, rain, and thunder over night. I would trade it all for 80 degree weather in a heartbeat.Have a wonderful day!

I'm not far from you and we do need rain badly! Lots of animals and garden needing rain! Please pray for rain.

After reading all the input it seems that trades may be only answer to this perdicament. Everybody swap addresses and desires and then (barring retirement hassles)trade homes for a week or two at your pleasure! No hotel bills and try to keep as neat a house as you found it. list all the fun things available at your house so the shoppers can see what your neighborhood has to offer! Who knows some cheerful city dweller may discover the joys of shoveling manure......or maybe not.....Love, Dad

Same here East of San Antonio - Told Hubby today.. the wind has nearly knocked us over for the past few days. It totally died today and now it is like a steam room! WE are dying for some rain here too... so when you get it up there... share some down here too? :0)

Oh my, isn't the weather insane?? Yesterday it was 81 here; and I had to turn on the whole house air conditioner for the first time. Today with the wind chill it is 34. Something is wrong with that picture! And we are supposed to get snow this weekend. UGH. So sorry you are sweltering. I hate the heat, too. But I'm sick of winter! My flowers are thru the ground, and I can't wait for them to bloom! It will be several weeks yet, though...
Crank the air up and stay cool! Get those feet in an ice bath! LOL

Oh, you poor dear! Temps here in the mid 30's. Rained all day yesterday and most of today. We've also had a bit of snow today, some actually remaining on the grassy areas. Maybe we could compromise a little and both get something in between.

Wow! Well here inSoCal we seem to be getting your rain! Weird!

If I could I would send you as much rain, sleet and snow that you could possibly want!!! I would GLADLY take some 89 degree days! :D

Oh sigh....I would gladly trade you some snow for some of that warm stuff!

Send Rain ! Gladly. We are looking at record level flooding along the Mississippi.
Getting cold and my snow Thursday and Sunday. Nuts...

Oh my, I have some rain I would be happy to send your way. Here in Oregon, we have had rain every day this month. I really don't want your 89 degrees so I guess I have to put up with the rain.

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