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Love the new stamps! So cute!

Do you have Americauna or Araucana hens? I'm not I spelled either right, but from the start, your pics of your mystery chick look just like ours! I love the pretty black eyeliner and striped backs and wings of the chicks. As the get older, their cheeks get puffy and they remind me of hawks. We get blue, green, brown, peach and pink eggs from them. Keep us updated, I'd love to see what she (hopeful thinking she's not a roo) grows up to be!

Fabulous stamps!

What's a roo?

It is such a joy to see all your creations and artwork. I cannot believe that your Cling Sets has reached 70 sets...you're AMAZING!!!...you truly are! I think I've said it before, but I want to be you when I grow up. (wink, wink) I'm pretty sure I'm older than you. Ha

How fun to see all those stamps from images you drew!

Love your artwork and I think the little chick is so sweet. Can't wait to see what she/he grows up to be.

Love seeing your new stamps! Thanks for the chick update. I hope it is a hen, too. It is fun to see how "it" is developing and can't wait to see what it looks like as an adult. If it is a hen I hope she lays some cool colored eggs! :D

OMG I need to check for typos before I post!Oh Well, mabe next time! Ha!!!

OMG, I am so loveing the new stamps. The chicken driving the pickup truck is a real hoot. :) LOL. I was just at my favorite stamping store and was looking for some of your new releases. It is alwasy fun to look at the Whipper Snapper stamps and decide which ones you designed :) Then tell everyone She is my Friend :) Enjoy the new stamps. And we will be watching to see what you create with them.
You cute little chick is sure growing fast. Yep, I hope you have a fute egg layer there.
Have a blessed Sunday, big hugs...

I love getting stamps in the mail, too!!! I put myself on a year-long buying freeze last August and then broke down last month to buy a few, so now I REALLY appreciate getting them in the mail. Your stamps are always so cute. I think I'll have to order that Raggedy Ann one come next August - so adorable. Is there an Andy one, too?

Whoo Hoo, look at all of those pretty new stamps! I love good ol' woodmounted stamps, prolly showing my age here. LOL Your little chick is adorable too! Thanks for keeping us updated.

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