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About that "bash" we both had forgotten about it until about 7:30 Sunday evening after dinner. We had a laugh and that was it. It seems that 40 is a forgetable number, I took flowers to the school monday and we went out for Chinese after school. Oh, about "stinky" he was "whacked" the next season if I remember right. As you all may have guessed our family is an outdoor oriented one. Hunting fishing and both sides come from ranching families out of Montana and parts Midwest. And NO, we are not vegitarians! Mom is just as lovely and I of course am older fatter balder and greyer while looking nothing like Sean Connery..Bummer, We'll throw a party for the big 41......Love, Dad

super sweet!
you look a LOT like your mom.

I just wanna know if the Wight's will be serving cake and champagne at the 40th Anniversary bash. Me want cake. Congratulations Dan and Lori! Your wedding reception photos are beautiful.

ANNA!!! I AM ROLLING!!! The antelope mount!!! Oh, for the love o' Pete!!! But, the page is sweet and lovely, and I imagine your folks loved it! :)

Happy Anniversary to the cute couple! Cute page!

Happy Anniversary to your folks. Love the scrapbook page you did. May they have many more years of happiness!

Happy Anniversary Dan & Lori Wight. Such a happy bride. They only have 6 (or 7) on DH and I. :) It will be our 34th in April. Hugs to all...

Very sweet. Anniversary Blessings to them.

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